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Tell-a-Tale of the Burgeoning Giant, Facebook Stocks in 2015

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Facebook stocks in 2015

It has been a great year for Facebook. Facebook stocks in 2015 managed to soar high in the sky with impressive market gain, profit records, and market valuation. Currently, trading at a high-end of $105, Facebook stocks in 2015 are only about a $5 off from an all-time high in late 2015. The Facebook growth in 2015 has been very impressive when placed into a context with previous growth years.

The Facebook stocks in 2015 multiply up to a huge lift throughout the years 2014 and 2013. Overall, Facebook stocks in 2015 recorded an impressive 230% growth since the organization offered itself as an IPO in 2012. The Facebook revenues in 2015 show a huge boost by 35% in its market report.

Let’s talk about the strong driving forces behind the marvelous Facebook growth in 2015.

Probably, there are these three factors behind strong Facebook revenues in 2015.

#Burgeoning User Base

The social media giant welcomed the year 2015, with an already established huge user base. But, something that investors and stakeholders weren’t aware of was that- by the time 2015 comes to an end, the user base was about to grow much, much bigger. Facebook reported a monthly active user base of 1.39 billion, by the end of 2014. The recent quarter earnings of the giant reported that the user base had increased by a whopping 1.55 billion, which means almost 21% of the entire world population.

The growth continues to remain robust.  Merely in a short gap between Q2 and Q3 earnings report, Facebook reported the addition of almost 50-60 million daily and monthly active user bases again. The Facebook growth in 2015 has kept investors happy and it’s a good indicator of the potential of this platform and its ability to continue appealing larger audiences. And, not to forget, larger audience means larger revenues.

#Profit Growth and Strong Revenue

The total market valuation of the company reported a huge profit in its quarterly earnings despite the fact it had to face a few setbacks.

Massive growth revenue report of 42.3% has driven a higher net income in Facebook’s lucrative business strategy model. During the recent quarter, the company’s net income touched $1.6 billion from $1.1 billion in a year.

Analysts expect that the social media giant’s profitability will continue to rise. The estimate of consensus analyst for compound annual average growth rate in five years is 29% for Facebook, which is a huge percentage index so far.

#Facebook Apps

Facebook acquired two leading brands with huge user base namely- Instagram and Whatsapp. The apps now have 400 million and 900 million active user base each. Both of these social media platform’s user base are bigger than the entire Twitter user base that is of approx 320 million active users. Facebook is developing Messenger and Groups into their own stage. In fact, Groups and Messenger are now two of the Facebook’s most powerful platforms with an active user base of 700 million and 825 million respectively.

Surely, the industry leader knows how to keep the users and investors happy. 2015 will indeed bring a Merrier Christmas for Facebook.

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