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Television Diaries: Great TV Commercials of 2016
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We have done a good research and brought through to you few great TV commercials of 2016. There is no one formula for great TV commercials. Nevertheless, certain advertisements have an indistinguishable quality that lets them make a mark in people’s perception. Moreover, they also make a mark in the history of Television Diaries.

Digital television. Remote control.

Digital television. Remote control.

These great TV commercials don’t just advertise their brands but will also delve in your conscious with a unique message.

Hennessy "The Piccards"

Droga5 instigated one of the most remarkable father-son feats as part of its ‘Wild Rabbit’ promotion. The advert, directed by Daniel Wolfe, tells the story of visual flamboyance in a one and half minute time span. The speck relies on its flair imagery to depict the story before its ultimate conclusion with the question – What’s your wild rabbit?” and the appearance of a Hennessy bottle.

AT&T "Close to Home"

The advert commences gradually depicting 6 different individuals going about their day. A boy biking, a father’s lottery telltale, a woman rallying herself and her daughter as they arrange to go out on a chore. Everything is usual and humdrum until the mother, while driving with her child in the back seat, promptly checks a social-media post on her phone. The momentary interruption heads to a destructive consequence. A fatal accident that leaves witnesses winded. The campaign conveys the point that how smartphones and social media can have their devastating drawbacks. AT&T has always put a foot forward in communicating the dreadful truth of mobile use and simultaneous accidents. Factually, texting and driving disasters harm not just the lives of the victims, but also the perpetrators.

Under Armour "Rule Yourself"

Under Armour divulged the latest episode of its ‘Rule Yourself’ promotion by introducing a gripping 90-second commercial of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. The commercial focuses more on the grind of training alongside the glory of winning.

The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team pulled off their athletic skill and elasticity in the other short ad. The teammates endure meticulous training early in the morning and again late night, working their moves at the gym in a series of extreme exercises. The women boast their far-fetched upper body strength by climbing ropes and doing nonstop back flips to a heavy rhythm. This great advert is a tribute to women’s dedication to sport.

Apple "Save Time"

Apple’s gaffe reel shows what happened behind the scenes. A cookie monster far less patient when waiting for his cookies. All through the clip, the fluffy, adorable Sesame Street character uses Siri until his cookies are ready.

Microsoft "Women Made"

The tech world has a diversity crisis and Microsoft wants to make a change through a new promotion for women in tech. Primarily, they tinted just how big the problem actually is with an eye-opening video marking a group of girls. They ask each to recall both male and female inventors. Whilst the girls can easily list the male ones; they struggle to identify even one female. Furthermore, a number of female inventors are discussed at the end of the video including Martha Coston and Mary Anderson. Surprisingly, none of the girls knew who they were.

Nonetheless, many more can indulge in the list of great TV commercials of 2016. However, these were the most distinctive ones.

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