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The Surprising Reason Why Employees Trust Their Managers
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Trust cannot be commanded. It cannot be bought, for it is a two-way street. You only say you trust someone, when you โ€˜believeโ€™ in them. Almost everyone I have worked with believe that trust is the bedrock of any relationship. When there is employee manager trust, they are able to scale faster and improve job satisfaction without the system breaking down even once. When employee manager trust hits rock bottom, teamwork and performance takes the hit. But, what is the biggest reason why employees trust their managers?

employee manager trust


Employees recognize the difference between a command and encouragement. No one wants a boss who constantly scrutinizes them and shoots down their ideas.

The beautiful thing about people is that they thrive on encouragement. When you positively back someone, you are indirectly helping them overcomes in areas of their weakness. The sole purpose of mentoring is to hire new talent, position them where they would thrive, educate them so they can accelerate in pursuit of their passions and ultimately, and make them feel empowered.

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When employees feel empowered, they succeed. Their goals align with the companyโ€™s goals, and they work harder and smarter.

To be trustworthy, managers can provide enough space for autonomy by offering encouragement. At the same time, they also need to be clear about their expectations and how the performance will be measured.

When you trust in people, they start trusting you.

As a manager, itโ€™s important to know make sure that employees are encouraged enough. When you donโ€™t encourage them when itโ€™s necessary, you are confining them to a bureaucratic structure that doesnโ€™t value them enough. It is also a great way to foster collaboration and support between managers and employees. In todayโ€™s fast-changing global and virtual world, itโ€™s important for employees and managers to take proactive effort and cultivate personal relationships. Offering encouragement is one of the most effective trust building strategies.

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Instead of becoming a bottleneck, trustworthy managers can offer encouragement so that employees can do a better job with the newly found authority and responsibility. Most of the times, managers forget that they need to support their employees and make decisions in the best interest of their team members.


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