Supply Chain Industry Predictions for 2012
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Supply Chain Industry Predictions for 2012

Supply Chain Industry Predictions for 2012

The supply chain industry practitioners do not yet have the depth for creating a war for the supply chain talent. A supply chain industry leader will need flexibility and aggressiveness to respond to changing needs of the supply chain industry. The industry leaders are predicting ‘technology’ to play a vital role in the supply chain industry in 2012. People associated with the supply chain industry, like manufacturers, will need to be innovative and efficient when we look at the availability of fresh solutions to fix old problems.

Industry leaders believe that supply chain industry might persist to drive cost out as the pursuit of being a bower will take over the strategies. And what would that do? Well, it would hamper the unplanned events of all shapes and sizes with an increased risk exposure.

For surviving in the supply chain industry and achieving success in the over burdening competition of 2012, the industry leaders will have to take care of a few things. Here are a few predictions for 2012 predicted by the supply chain industry leaders.

Supply Chain Industry Prediction # 1: Planning will be long lived

There are ample advanced planning tools available today, yet the supply chain industry plans do not yield more than 50 percent accuracy. It is very important for the industry leaders to plan exercises, businesses and determine the end goal that needs to be executed, to have an organized structure in the supply chain industry. Planning will not be dead, it will now be used for the purpose it should serve - setting the end goals and determining the direction in which to head.

Supply Chain Industry Prediction # 2: Two-way flexibility would play a vital role

The supply chain industry has been ‘flat’ for several years and materials are outsourced from every corner of the world. The reason is that organizations are chasing low cost manufacturing. But, quite a few industry leaders have sacrificed lower costs in order to be connected to the customers and diminish time to market. So what could be done? The supply chain industry will be required to exhibit a level of two-way flexibility, so that it can address the wide reach of production, as well as the rising mix of customers.

Supply Chain Industry Prediction # 3: Centralized supply chain command and control

The supply chain industry’s warehousing sector is under pressure after a series of investigative reporting has uncovered the fragile situation. It is the ability to hold a flawless view of the happenings across the entire supply chain network that will determine how successful the organization is, and in 2012 supply chain industry might feel the need to have a centralized system of supply chain command and control. Even though technology is sprouting to make a single view of the supply chain possible, the challenge of contrasting parts still remains. Companies like DHL are now working on the standardization of its warehouse management system globally.

Supply Chain Industry Prediction # 4: Industry leaders might adopt social media tools

Many supply chain industry leaders are still in a crawling phase, referring to the use of social media tools to stay connected with the customers, colleagues and partners. But there are several prospective factors that will continue to drive greater adoption of the use of social media tool among industry leaders. This is expected to improve the organization’s external as well as internal communication.

Industry leaders will have to make sure that the supply chains gain real time visibility, understand the impact of the unplanned events and have fresh solutions ready so as to react to the prospective problems within a short period of time. Well, it looks like those supply chain industry leaders who take care and recognize the changes in the supply chain industry and immediately implement the POA to solve the issue, might turn out to be the real winners of the supply chain industry in 2012.


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