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Success of the North Korean Missile Launch a Threat to the U.S.
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American organizations like NASA and SpaceX have been dominating the world of space technology for a while now. With a recent record of launching the highest number of satellites at once, even Indian organization ISRO has earned a position for itself among such reputed organizations. Now it seems that another country’s organization is all set to compete with these well-established space agencies. The country of North Korea which has not been too popular for its spatial innovations is gearing up. Recently, the North Korean missile launch was conducted successfully under expert supervision. This was the first test of such missiles which claim to have a long range for better mobility.

On Tuesday morning, the missile test was carried out according to the orders given by Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un. The North Korean missile launch has earned a place for the country on the world map in terms of space-related innovations. North Korea has made similar attempts in the past but the success was at a minimal rate. The missile test which turned out to be successful was a tough nut to crack. North Korea achieving such expertise says a lot about its technological progress in this particular sector. Not only this, it also comes across as a threat to the U.S.


The missile test was under the surveillance of Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

Details about the North Korean missile launch

This test by North Korea consisted of a long-range missile which claims to have the ability to reach any part of the world. The project was the first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile which created a milestone for itself. The success of this project is a great achievement for North Korea but it poses a major threat to the U.S. This is because the direction of the effort is mainly to build nuclear weapons which can travel to the land of U.S. If the purpose materializes, it can cause great destruction to U.S. and also trigger another World War. The country has apparently also increased such efforts in the past, which is giving jitters to the American government.

It is the first time for North Korea to attain a successful missile launch. According to the announcement regarding the North Korean missile launch, the missile reached an altitude of 2,802 km. It flew at a height of 933 km. before it hit a target in the sea decided prior to the mission. The record of the altitude is the highest ever by the country. Such rapid progress rings a bell about a potential attack on the U.S.

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