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Stop Procrastinating to be your best productive self

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Stop procrastinating

Go ahead and think about all the stuff you’ve been putting off. Probably you’ve been putting off thinking about all the stuff that you’ve been putting off, right? It’s not that you can avoid that work or the stuff you’ve been putting off is not that important. It’s just that you just want to ignore doing it till it’s high time. So, how to stop procrastinating on a regular basis?

We all procrastinate from time to time. Sometimes, it is for those routine tasks, which take lesser time but are too dull and boring. We always come up with a reason to procrastinate. Too tired. Too busy. Too risky. Too old. Too young. Too tensed. Too troublesome. A majority of the time, these reasons are just excuses for not doing some additional work.

Here are some ways to stop procrastinating and getting things done:


You have to make a list of goals and set a deadline for each goal. Also, you need to pre-commit by emailing it to your friends or colleagues. Or you can also download some app like stickK, which will let you pre-commit to tasks before beginning them.

You may think how an app can stop you from procrastinating. Well, this app will make you lay down some money, and will lock the cash until you finish the task. In case you fail to accomplish your goal, this money will be donated to charity. Additionally, it will donate it to an organization you hate the most.

So, no one wants to donate money to the organization they don’t like. Thus, this app will make you do things so that you do not end up donating to the organization you despise.

Start with the hard stuff

If you have a pending task that is really important and will affect your other work, complete it first. Once you are done with that task, you will be more productive and can accomplish the remaining tasks. Or you can pick the most time-consuming task and finish it first; this will provide you more time for smaller tasks and will make you feel super productive.

If the larger task requires more than one sitting, divide it into various fractions and set a time limit for each one. Creating a checklist of this micro tasks and checking off the things on a regular basis will motivate you to complete the entire task before the deadline.

Also, if the pending task will take less than two minutes to complete, do it right away. . Thus, you can stop procrastinating smaller tasks. There are tasks that won’t take much of your time but you put them on hold just because they are dull

Set work frenzy time

If you are easily distracted by your thoughts or get caught up in other activities like internet surfing or social media, you must set some work frenzy time. During this time you need to fully concentrate on your work and remove the distractions. For instance you set a time of 30 minutes of work without any distractions, you need to focus on your work and be your best productive self. Chances are you might continue working even after 30minutes are over. This will help you be more dedicated and finish specific tasks before deadline.

An alternative to the frenzy time is to allot a particular amount of time to specific tasks. If you do not complete the task before that time, you need to leave it and move to another task. Thus, the fear of doing incomplete tasks may remove distractions and will help you increase the pace at which you usually work.

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