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Steel luxury for “green” roads!!

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Lexus CT 200h compact=

Lexus CT 200h compact hybrid luxury car

A fantastic mix of compact luxury and fuel economy seems to be making its way into the auto motive market, with the Lexus CT 200h, the Infiniti M hybrid (M35H) and Green Automotive’s Zotye SUV all coming out around the same time.

The CT 200h,  Lexus’s first compact luxury hybrid carwith a base price of $30,000 and an estimated promised fuel efficiency of 42 miles per gallon,  is a hatchback-style with an electric motor drive.

As Lexus’s environment-friendly luxury avatar, the CT 200h has established a definite edge over its competitors, the AUDI A3 2.0T and BMW 1 series 120i coupe, where combined fuel economy is concerned.

The Infiniti M35H on the other hand, flagged off on March 16, 2011, is priced much higher at $53,700 and promises to deliver a fuel efficiency of 32 mpg.

Clearly, what these luxury car makers seem to have in mind is creating environmentally responsible consumers, without stressing their budget for fuel.

New hybrid-ifications of CT 200h and the M35H

While the Lexus CT 200h takes 9.8 sec to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, Infiniti’s sedan-style M35H beats the hatchback-style CT 200h’s pick-up speed hands down  with a promised 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 6 seconds.

Infiniti’s M35H comes with the unique system devised by Infiniti called the direct response hybrid system as well as an advanced one-motor-with-two-clutch parallel hybrid designs.

While the CT 200h is the fifth hybrid car by Lexus, it is the first of its kind by the company in the category of compact hybrid luxury cars.

Industry forecasts indicate that luxury hybrid cars which are also sporty, would project the IN quotient, hence putting this new auto category in high demand..

Zotye: Green Automotive's all-electric SUV

zotye electric suv by green automotive

zotye electric suv by green automotive

And if you thought that green auto innovations were happening only in the hatch-back and sedan markets, Texas-based Green Automotive is all set to challenge the assumed predominance.

Zotye SUV by Green Automotive has started testing its new made-in-China electric-powered baby.

Lithium batteries of this SUV will send power to its electric motor, allowing the SUV to run on electric power for a speed of upto 70 mph.

While the Zotye SUV is being tested by Roush industries along with a MPV powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), Green Automotive is striving to make this car fully compatible with US safety standards.  .

The base price for the Zotye SUV will be US $35,995 with an electric range up to 150 miles.

Green Automotive, through the launch of this all-electric SUV, is looking at encouraging potential buyers around the world to benefit from the incentives being offered by different countries for adopting sustainable tools.

Cheers to that!

Auto Makers say

When asked about the future of luxury hybrid cars, Sandy Kelly-Pruner of Servco Lexus said that until drivers become more hybrid-friendly, the advantages of a hybrid car won’t add up.

Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore said that he was super-excited about the launch of their “luxury hybrid” car along with four other non hybrid models.

So are we Mr.Poore!!

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