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Startup Yoshi will fill your car with gas anywhere it’s parked

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People who believe that gas stations are too inconvenient now have an option. Among a group of Silicon Valley startups referred to as uber for gas, startup Yoshi is believed to be saving drivers both money and time. How is that true? The company takes the gas pump to its customers!

Currently operating in 17 regions of the country, gas delivery startup Yoshi requires subscribers to part with $20 monthly to enjoy a short list of regular car services and discounts on gas, with all delivered at customers' convenience. You only have to order to keep moving anytime and anywhere without getting stuck at the grocery store or work anymore, with Yoshi technicians always available to fill your tank with gas.

How Yoshi services work

Customers are to install Yoshi app, available on Android and Apple iOS. Using the app, the clients are able to notify Yoshi where they have their car parked and the car gets refilled in a few minutes with Synergy fuel supplied by Exxon Mobil. Customers can opt for other car services like tire changes, wiper blade swaps, oil changes, and car wash.

While Yoshi employees deploy any form of car services, the customers or drivers are not necessarily required to be present, making the service seamless and time-saving. The gas delivery startup requires customers to leave their fuel door ajar to make this possible. Does it mean customers will leave their fuel door open for every gas delivery service? No. Compatible cars can get a magnetic fuel vault installed by Yoshi to enable subsequent deliveries without having to leave the fuel door ajar.

Yoshi helps you save

In view of reshaping the gas supply industry, co-founder Bryan Frist and two other partners founded Yoshi in 2015. The startup has not released the number of customers it has but estimates that drivers can save about $240, 33 hours and three trees’ worth of CO2 yearly for using its services. According to Business Insider, Yoshi startup says its delivery fuel tanks adhere to local laws and are certified by the US Transport Department.

Yoshi offers per gallon discounts on customer’s fuel price for every car service purchased, with competitive fuel pump price and car services in each local market.

What makes Yoshi Safe

Co-founder Frist told KTRK of Houston that Yoshi technicians undergo drug and background checks. To document scratches and dents on the vehicles being serviced, Yoshi technicians who are also hazmat-certified take pictures each time they fill up a vehicle with gas. The startup has not recorded any gas spill accidents in the first three years of operation, since launching in 2015.

Where is Yoshi Available?

Yoshi is available in Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco, Houston, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Los Angeles, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Raleigh-Durham, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, Fort Worth/Dallas, St. Louis, Austin, Boston, Warren and the DC area.

Within one year of operation, Yoshi startup went from 3 cities to 16 cities. It hopes to include nine cities on the list by the end of 2019.

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