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Stanford Students DoNotPay Robot Lawyer Overturns Parking Tickets in London and New York City

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Earlier this year, there were reports about a new website started by a college student in the UK that uses artificial intelligence, called the world's first robot lawyer. The site saw stupendous success in helping drivers in London beat parking tickets which has hence expanded across to New York City, with Seattle and other U.S. cities been added to the list of eligible cities shortly.

DoNotPay Robot lawyer creator, Joshua Browder, hails from England and attends Stanford University in California. He was inspired to create his site 21 months ago after receiving several parking tickets in London.

Donotpay robot lawyer

He realized that most of the tickets he received were unfair or illegal. Feeling victimized, he took three months to program what is called the world's first robot lawyer. The DoNotPay robot lawyer website was created by scanning several hundreds of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, under the guidance of a traffic lawyer.

The website first focused on London parking tickets and only in May it spread across to include New York City. The site uses the artificial intelligence bot to ask them a series questions about parking tickets and then uses the information to generate an appeal, helping drivers find a way out of paying them. In case the appeal has merit, it's certainly not worth the trouble for local governments to continue fighting.

Users will have to first sign up for the DoNotPay robot lawyer website, which operates for free and does not charge anything on the amount saved by the driver when it helps him or her beat their ticket.

The bot begins by introducing itself, saying it can answer questions, draft documents and send appeals. Currently, the bot can help with parking tickets (New York and UK), delayed flights/late trains (EU) and claiming PPI. Users are asked to type in their queries in the message box below or ask 'what can you do' for a list of some examples.

Making use of the algorithms, the robot determines the needs of the client, asks for the required information, reviews it, and helps find a solution that it aids the user in implementing.

Not surprisingly, the world's first robot lawyer has been extremely popular and very successful so far. Browder claims that of the 250,000 people who have used the chatbot lawyer, a staggering 160,000 have had their parking tickets dismissed, including 9,000 in NYC, saving users an estimated$4-million. His success rate in London has been a whopping 64 percent, followed by an impressive 41 percent in New York, where it has been up for just more than a month.

Browder’s next projects include helping air travelers receive compensation for flight delays of over four hours as well as helping HIV-positive individuals and Syrian asylum-seekers understand their legal rights. He has pledged not to charge individuals to access his services, promising that he is doing a service to the public.

Currently, the other sites that provide service to drivers plagued with parking tickets charge, while live attorneys can charge up to $150 for their services.

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