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SpaceX team Successfully carries out Revolutionary Rocket Launch

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It is a regular feature to come across information about something revolutionary caused by Elon Musk. Yet again there is news about a revolutionary project in Musk’s aerospace department. A satellite always needs the support of a rocket to help take its launch into space. But once the satellite is capable of transporting itself independently, the rocket is of no use. Usually, the rockets are disposed of or sold as junk. The SpaceX team has successfully launched a satellite with the help of a second-hand rocket. This is considered to be a revolutionary rocket launch as no other organization has succeeded in doing so.

SpaceX has finally fulfilled the dream it had for the past 15 years. The dream was to add fuel to a rocket booster, send it to space and also recover it to conduct another launch. The space agency sent a used Falcon 9 back into space. This revolutionary rocket launch has created history by achieving something which no other space agency on this planet ever has. Not only did the second-hand rocket launch into space, but it also returned safely back to the Earth. This seems like a breakthrough in aerospace as the reuse of rockets will help save a lot of money and also time put behind creating a new one for each space mission. The production of the rockets costs almost 80 percent of the total expense of the launch mission.

SpaceX team successfully carries off revolutionary rocket launch

Documentation of the first flight of the Falcon 9.

How did the SpaceX team carry out the launch

The SpaceX team launched the 229-foot-tall Falcon 9 rocket on the 30th March at 6:27 p.m. EDT. This two-stage rocket successfully delivered SES-10, a telecommunications satellite into the orbit. Just minutes after the launch, the first-stage booster of the rocket fell back on the surface of the Earth. This moment made the launch a revolutionary one as the booster is the largest and most expensive part of the rocket. This booster had its previous launch on 8th April 2016. After its second launch, the booster detached itself from the payload of the rocket and had a safe landing on a droneship in the Atlantic Ocean.

The main focus of this revolutionary rocket launch was to deliver the SES-10 satellite into the orbit which is more than 22,000 miles above the Earth’s surface. This satellite will cover a majority of Central America and South America for its television and internet coverage. This launch by the SpaceX team is an important day in aerospace history as a part of a commercial, liquid-fueled orbit rocket has never been recovered, reused, and recovered again.

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