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SpaceX Picks Texas for World’s First Commercial Rocket-Launch Facility
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Dragon is a partially reusable spacecraft developed by SpaceX

Dragon is a partially reusable spacecraft developed by SpaceX

SpaceX, the space transport services company founded by elite billionaire Elon Musk, will build the world's first private commercial rocket launch site on a remote beach in South Texas. The announcement comes after 3 years of planning process, which will lead to placing Texas’s role as a space state once the industry evolves, transforming from a government-only enterprise into a full-fledged frontier for the private sector.

Gov. Rick Perry affirmed an incentive package that is totaling more than $15 million on Monday to close the arrangement which is expected to pump $85 million in capital financing to the Brownsville, Texas region. It'll likewise provide 300 employments in one of its poorest metropolitan zones.

"Texas has been on the forefront of our nation's space exploration efforts for decades so it is fitting that SpaceX has chosen our state as they expand the frontiers of commercial space flight.  In addition to growing the aerospace industry in Texas, SpaceX's facility will provide myriad opportunities for STEM education in South Texas, and inspire a new generation of Texas engineers and innovators."
      Governor  Rick Perry

A large portion of the incentive, $13 million, will originate from a state fund intended to help Cameron County Spaceport Development Corp. build infrastructure for projects such as SpaceX. An extra $2.3 million will spill out of the Texas Enterprise Fund, an arrangement aimed at drawing in new business. One of the major challenges that will be faced during the development is that the remote site is surrounded by a federal wildlife area and a state park.

One of the most powerful businessmen alive today, Musk is the founder, chief product architect and CEO of Tesla Motors. Likewise, the company recently joined hands with Panasonic to build an estimated $5 billion Gigafactory where electric car batteries will be manufactured. Texas and SpaceX were involved in a dialogue since 2011, working closely with Musk as SpaceX solicited FAA freedom and other mandatory regulatory approvals.

(Image: Elon Musk)

SpaceX is the first private company to build and launch its own rockets and space capsules to the International Space Station and return them to the Earth.

SpaceX has current around 250 employees working at a rocket development site in Mcgregor, Texas. It has resolved to have up to 12 launch operations a year through no less than 2025, which each one transporting commercial satellites or experimental payloads. SpaceX is reported to have almost 50 launched planned, speaking to about $5 billion in contracts.

Musk remarked in an announcement that he is much eager to grow SpaceX’s programs in Texas.  

Texas has a long history with open and private spaceflight. NASA's Johnson Space Center was one of the main centers for America's space program from the early Gemini, Apollo and Skylab tasks to today's space shuttle and International Space Station programs.

The state additionally also served as a launch site for one of the first privately funded rockets to having reached space, the Conestoga 1 in 1982.

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