Sony Redesigns PlayStation Store
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The redesigned Sony PlayStation Store

The redesigned Sony PlayStation Store

At last Sony Corp. has launched the redesigned Sony PlayStation Store for its customers in Europe, North America and Brazil. The launch of the updated Sony PlayStation Store was, however, delayed. Yet the customers’ reaction has been largely positive.

Revamped Playstation Store

The revamped Sony PlayStation Store was originally intended to launch on the 23rd of October. The launch was, however, delayed because the Sony PlayStation Store had been struggling with several issues including slow loading times, logging in troubles, etc.

Despite the delay, the redesigned Sony Playstation Store has been well received as it shows a new side to its customers by combining a fresh design with several brand-new features for both organization and searching. Analysts, however, question the value of the store not only to Sony Corp., but also to games publishers as well as gamers.

According to reviews, the Sony Playstation Store’s redesign is visually magnificent as it also makes browsing for content much easier and at the same time more comfortable due to the larger utilization of pictures for listings.

Yet the redesigned Sony PlayStation Store means a bigger and even more aggressive competition among games publishers. Getting their games noticed is quite a challenge and games publishers will have to adjust to the new situation when a physical boxed product is not something much desired and wanted.

When it comes to customers of the redesigned Sony PlayStation Store, the situation is also tricky for games publisher as users usually know exactly what they want. The Sony PlayStation Store makes it easier as well as faster to find a specific item as Sony Corp. implemented the new three or four letter search tool.

But the new Sony Playstation Store also allows its customers to use a separate page for video streaming, not to mention a list showing the most popular charts as well. As it has been underlined by the company, the new interface will, without a doubt, help store’s users to move around it more efficiently as Sony Corp. implemented changes which had been provided by users themselves.

Long-awaited Playstation 4

The redesigned Sony PlayStation Store is not the only thing, which customers have been waiting for. Fans of game consoles have been waiting for new PlayStation 4. Sony Corp. is, however, just about to present the long-awaited PlayStation 4. According to sources familiar with the matter, Sony Corp. has just started sending out new PlayStation 4, also called Orbis, development kits.

Certainly new PlayStation would help the company as Sony Corp. is struggling with the video game market. Even though Sony Corp. has just launched its smaller version of PlayStation 3, fans have been waiting for new PlayStation 4 for ages.

New PlayStation 4 may be a remedy for Sony Corp., which has been struggling recently not only with the growing popularity of games played online but also with smartphones as well. Certainly the company’s top executives repose hope in Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 which is believed to get the Japanese electronics maker back on top. Playstation 4 is expected to be launched in 2013.

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