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Snapchat Launches Spectacles V2, Wearable Camera Glasses That Can Record Underwater

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Snapchat has launched a new version of its hands-free camera (sunglasses), Spectacle V2. The glasses which can take HD videos and photos effortlessly come with features that enable users to upload contents straight to the company’s messaging app through smartphones.

The first specs launched by Snapchat last year which has limited functionality, goody hues and allows users to capture up to 10-second videos did not sell as expected. And the company has realized its mistakes – a $41 million mistake to be precise – though Snap said the company is satisfied with the sunglasses which sold only 220,000 pairs. Consumers are gravely expecting an improvement in the new specs, and it seems they are not disappointed with the stylish, handy and convenient V2.

“We've made your favorite hands-free camera even better! Spectacles are now more comfortable to wear with a smaller profile, and they're water resistant — so you can bring them to the beach, or your next pool party!” Snapchat said in its press release.

Snapchat hopes to promote a life where people are able to access and share memories and the Spectacle is poised to serve as a conduit, allowing people to record memories without interruptions. The company admitted paying a lot of attention to customer’s feedback before creating the new Spectacles for a greater experience.

I can tell you that the spectacles are fun. It was quite comfortable for me, very easy to use and with a fast synchronization to smartphones. The image quality is vastly improved and its two microphones capture good audio quality. The camera size is smaller: about one-third of its predecessor and the frames lighter; not looking like a plastic as the colors (Onyx, Ruby and Sapphire) are well-polished with mirrored or dark lenses. Hence, they are more like glasses you would choose to wear any day.

Just like the first specs, the cases houses and charges the Spectacles but looking smaller and fabricated with a splash-resistant material. The glasses take not more than 20 minutes to charge full in the case which can charge the glasses four times if fully charged. The glasses can record up to 150 videos or 3,000 pictures in one charge. This is considerable good for a device like this as battery life is a good selling factor. No one wants to be looking for a charger all the time when you’re supposed to be having fun.

Spectacle V2 has a field vision of 105 degrees, slightly lower than its old version. Photos are taken in 1642 x 1642 pixels, while videos are 1216 x 1216 pixels. The additional fun here is that V2 can record underwater, not up to 200 feet.

The launched Spectacles V2 is available in the U.S., Canada, France and U.K. and available in 13 additional European countries on May 3. The V2 is $20 pricier than its original specs and only available on the company’s site and Snap’s app at $150. V2 is not yet available on Amazon, vending SnapBots or pop-up stores.

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