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Snapchat beats Instagram in a Survey, Why Aren’t We Surprised?
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Mark Zuckerberg is probably regretting his decision. Maybe he should’ve tried harder to manipulate Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. Maybe he should’ve tried harder to purchase Snapchat.

The disappearing video messaging application has overtaken Mark Zuckerberg’s photo sharing app, Instagram, by a whirlwind. Snapchat is named as the most popular social network amid millennials, according to a report published by Piper Jaffray.

Piper Jaffray surveyed 6,500 teens in the U.S. out of which 28 percent appeared in the favor of Snapchat while 27 percent named Instagram as the most popular social networking app. The age of teens ranged from 14-19.

Surely the difference of 1 percent may seem less important, the change in people’s perception over the time is something that matters the most.

For almost two consecutive years, Zuckerberg’s photo-sharing app has been ranked at the number one position when it comes to popularity among teens. Last spring, it was named as the first choice by 32 percent millennials, and 33 percent of millennials named it as the most popular in last fall. During that course of time, the video messaging app, Snapchat, was voted by 13 percent of millennials in last spring and 19 percent in last fall.

While Instagram and Snapchat were engaged in a constant battle to occupy the top position, the well-established social media giants Twitter and Facebook, on the other hand, secured third and fourth position respectively. Also, Tumblr, the baby of Yahoo, reportedly rounded out the first five.

Facebook acquiesced Instagram for USD $1 billion in 2012. The following year, Mark Zuckerberg tried his hands on buying Snapchat for USD $3 billion, but all in vain as Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel was in no mood of selling. Now, it seems he took a very wise decision. The ‘Snap-Sharing’ app declined the offer and certainly hasn’t looked back. It’s simply progressing day by day and the result is clearly visible.

In both cases, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to expand his product line and audience. Instagram brought younger generation as the targeted audience for Facebook. Snapchat, perhaps, could have given the extra brownie points as the most popular social networking platform.

A recent independent study conducted by Triton Digital and Edison Research also stands in the favor of Snapchat. The survey shows that 72 percent of Snapchat users range between 12 and 24 while for Instagram, it is 66 percent.

Both usage number and perception are significant for advertisers who are looking forward to associating themselves by targeting specific users using a correct platform.

Well, we all know how the video messaging app is charming individuals of different age groups nowadays. It’s certainly the new cool, especially after it has added various cool and exciting features. So the news ‘Snapchat beats Instagram’ should certainly not arrive as a surprise for us or marketers either. Or does it?

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