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The Single Biggest Clue About Google’s Future Hidden in I/O 2017
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With a number of tech companies making their mark on the world map, the competition to become the most successful one has been on a constant roll. Despite the tremendous efforts put in by other companies, there is one tech giant which has maintained its position since decades. It began as a pioneer in the search engine branch and went on to be the most trusted tech company as well. Even though the company has come up with impressive technological innovations, it knew the worth of staying updated with the times. This is why even though competitors kept barging in with their expertise, Google Inc. always stood out.

What began as a venture in setting up a search engine which has answers for almost everything possible, Google concentrated on widening its horizon and has now reached a stage wherein it aims to master all kinds of fields of technology. Another major reason behind the tech giant’s success is that it laid stress on updating its technology according to the times and designed new technological devices based on these scientific concepts. Due to its expertise in technology, over time the tech giant earned reliability thanks to its technical knowhow. Now the company has reached a point where simply the name of Google is enough for customers to give preference to its products.

Now this internationally renowned company hosts an annual even wherein it updates the worldwide fans about any further developments and gives web developers an opportunity to interact with the tech experts of Google and ask them queries if they have any. The annual event of Google dubbed as Google I/O 2017 is considered a big deal and hence is much talked about. The company never fails to host this event on a huge scale. This year, the grand event took place from 17th May to 19th May for a span on three days. It was held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in the headquarters of Google which is Mountain View, California.

What exactly is the Google I/O 2017?

It can be rightly said that this annual developers’ event by Google is highly anticipated by not only people related to the tech field but also the laymen. This is in accordance with the fact that people from across the globe show keen interest in the latest innovations as well as upgrades by Google. One of the main reasons behind this kind of fan following is the global outreach of the company. It has billions of users for each innovation and if you add up these numbers, you can imagine the number of people interested in this event. This also clearly signifies the market reach of the company which at the end results in tremendously high progress reports.

The Google I/O 2017 in particular focused on the technological advances made by the company. In the form of keynotes delivered by various officials, the tech giant gave a glimpse of all the upgrades which will take place in Google’s products this year. Even though it is supposed to be a developers’ keynote, the main highlight of this event is that it delivers all the technical information without sounding monotonous at all. Right from one of the employees of the tech department of the company to a layman who is using a Google product, everyone is able to follow that is being said at this event. Everyone has a nerdy side to their personality due to the attractive range of tech gadgets available in the market these days, and this event will definitely bring out that nerdy side. The factor which makes this developers’ keynote so easy to understand is the clever presentation of the data. The electronic presentation was kept interactive through real-life examples and live explanation which made it easier to grasp by the audience. This is a clear signification on the company’s priority of giving its customers the first preference. In accordance with this, the entire event was organized which showcased a number of software updates and other new ventures.


The Google AI venture will include a rotating cast of engineers instead of the investors participating in this project.

Introduction of new ventures and updates

There was a time when Google’s focus was on coming up with technology intended for mobile phones. Now it has moved a step further and focuses on augmented reality. With the help of this new concept of technology, Google has come up with a software that helps you find answers on the search giant not by textual input but through searching on the basis of visual objects. This means that if you have discovered a flower and are curious to gain more insight about it, you turn to Google for help. But how can you look for information if you don’t know which word to use to search for it. Google Lens allows you to conduct the search through the medium of using the visual identity of the flower. Many tech critics claim that this was the highlight of the event. Such an innovation has given the tech giant an edge in front of other competitors.

Aiming to rule the smart home sector, Google Home has been given a new attractive feature in its latest update. In the following months, this gadget will come with a new hands-free feature which will enable you to take calls through the medium of the Wi-Fi. This smart home appliance is a replacement for your landline which has been outdated long back. Another major update which the tech giant is excited about is the availability of the Google Assistant on iOS devices. This update is in order to give direct competition to Siri. Google’s voice assistant will be available in the form of an app which can be availed from the app store. While Siri needs to rely on internet-based search engines to complete its answers, Google Assistant has an added advantage as it has its own search engine in sync with the voice assistant.

Apart from Google Assistant, the tech giant has introduced one more feature in order to give a tough fight to Apple. We are all well aware of the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature which comes in handy in case you misplace your iPhone and also thieves become wary before stealing such a device. Up until now, there was no such feature installed in your Android device. Play Protect is a feature which protects your apps as well as smartphone from all kinds of malware. Along with this comes the ‘Find my Phone’ feature, which holds resemblance with the iPhone tracker.

Apart from these software updates, there was an announcement regarding a standalone VR headset in collaboration with HTC. Except this little information, nothing more was released.

Experiencing the Google I/O 2017

Google has attained the title of being one of the coolest workspaces in the world time and again. The tech giant has used this quality as its added advantage during its annual developers’ event as well. This is what makes people excited to attend this event. Apart from the usual speeches and digital documentation, Google I/O 2017 offers the best of food delicacies and beverages one can ask for. It also had a funky water supplier to quench your thirst. If you are not quite fond of the sunny weather, chug down a pint of beer to cool down. In order to make sure that speeches don’t get monotonous, there are fun activities going on at various spots. All in all it is like an amusement park with enlightening information.

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