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Simply using these Words and Phrases may make you an Effective Leader

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Words are powerful; they have the strength to create a moment and the ability to destroy one. It has the capability to inspire or discourage someone. So, to be an effective leader, it’s better to know how to use them wisely and in a manner that helps you motivate your team and thus promote your business.

There are certain words that encourage your team to be innovative, collaborative and productive, and as a manager or an effective leader, you need to know those. Here is your guide to what words and phrases to use with your teammates.


This two letter word is powerful of turning an unfavourable situation in a favourable one by simply moving to a positive hypothetical situation. No person likes to be wrong, particularly in front of others, so the hypothetical situation can lower the pressure of being right. Suppose you are not finding a proper solution to some of your problems as all you are getting from your team is “I don’t know”s. Well, using this word, you can simply ask a question “What if you did know?” and allow the person to explore possibilities. In most of the cases, the solutions that come up as an answer to hypothetical situations are a lot better and creative.


This simple word clearly portrays team spirit. Replace the ‘you’ with ‘we’ and chances are, your team member will be motivated to take steps forward. The reason behind this is that by using the word 'together', the employees do not feel as if they are the one responsible for all the work and are relieved that they have your support and can get your help if the need arises. Reports also prove that using the word ‘together’ can make teams work harder, provide better solutions, and make them more energetic.

Some ‘yeses’

Yeses don’t necessarily mean that you need to answer every suggestion with a ‘yes’. It implies that you should be affirmative in your answers as well as your questions. For example, you can ask “We are working on the new project from tomorrow, right?” And what could be the possible answer to this? Yeah right, a ‘Yes’. This sort of affirmative questions are usually asked in sales, but you can use it to be an effective leader too.


When you want people to help you or take some action, always provide them with a cause or reason to do that. Cause-and-effect works because you sound more rational while providing a cause instead of just being prejudiced. Some other cause-and-effect words and phrases that can be an alternative to ‘Because’ can be: Due to, caused by, for this reason, accordingly, or therefore.

Person’s name

It is psychologically proven that a person’s name is the sweetest sound to him and causes some unique pattern in his brain. You tend to like the things that are connected to you in some or the other way. Referring a person with his/her name can help you get undivided attention from the person.

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