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Savour IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs to Your Heart’s Content at New Standalone Restaurants
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IKEA is famous as a furniture giant and undoubtedly it is also well-known for its Swedish meatballs. IKEA food has seen tremendous love from customers for its Swedish meatballs and is now mulling over a potential standalone restaurant. But can this love be enough to power the new establishment? Well, the facts and figures show that taking a step in this direction can turn out to be positive for the company.

Numbers don’t lie about IKEA Food - Swedish Meatballs

ikea food swedish meatballs

IKEA Swedish Meatballs

The basic idea erupted from a surprising data showing 30 percent of IKEA customers visit IKEA stores only to savor food at its in-store restaurants. As reported by the Fast Company, it also mentions that these 30 percent customers are not interested in shopping at all. Such figures indicate IKEA’s huge potential for standalone restaurants.

Gerd Diewald tells Fast Company – “We have always called the meatballs ‘the best sofa-seller’'. Diewald runs the food operations for the U.S-based IKEAs. He also adds that it is tough to do business with hungry customers.

IKEA updates its Menu just like its Furniture

ikea food standalone restaurants

IKEA caters to regional cuisine catering to different store’s location. Like it includes beans and toast for breakfast in U.K. stores, a shawarma combo for stores in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and chicken tenders, mac and cheese for the U.S stores. Of course, around half of its menu typically includes traditional Scandinavian dishes.

Think IKEA updates only its sofa colors, patterns and other furniture? Well the furniture giant has also updated its eateries throughout the U.S. It has created new zones which accommodates families. Also, its updated menu has new items like vegan and chicken Swedish meatballs. F for Furniture and F for Food; IKEA is taking care of demands for both its F’s. The Delft, Netherlands Company is doing things right by keeping up with the current demands, be it furniture or food.

Did You Know?

  • IKEA food had annual sales of around $1.8 billion in 2016
  • It serves around 650 million diners each year
  • It sells 1 billion plus Swedish meatballs per year (almost 2.9 million per day)

IKEA food’s managing director; Michael La Cour mentioned these facts to the Fast Company. After launching pop-up eateries in locations like Paris, London, and Oslo the home goods seller is considering the idea of standalone restaurants in the U.S.

La Cour strongly believes that there is potential. Moreover, he hopes that some years down the line customers will say – “IKEA is a great place to eat and they also sell furniture”.

ikea food in-store restaurant

IKEA Renton Restaurant

Before you start planning food and shopping trips to IKEA; we would like to mention that an IKEA’s representative has issued a statement, saying that no major decisions are made yet.

Meatballs Anyone?

The home goods giant opened in-store restaurants to feed people contemplating over furniture decisions. When you feed stressed buyers, they can stay longer and discuss about potential purchases. They can thus make a final decision before leaving the store. This was the basic concept in the beginning as Diewald told the Fast Company.

Well, given the resources and the already established love for its signature dish, certainly it will give a tough competition for major food chains of the U.S.

Even though any concrete decisions are not made by the furniture giant yet; we can be sure about one thing: IKEA food - Swedish meatballs is definitely going to be on the menu!

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