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What Would Save To Google Chrome Extension Do?
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For all those people who have a tendency to save webpages for later use, Google has come up with its own Save to Google Chrome extension. So now it can replace some of your favorite extensions like Pocket.

Previously this Chrome extension was released to use with Google Images to save images for future use. But recently the search engine giant added more features to this by allowing users to save any webpage for future use. You can save images, content or even blog posts that you come across and tag them if you want to. Tagging will help you filter from all the saved things, making it easier to use.

So basically it is similar to Pocket but it saves kind of everything.

It is really simple to use: You just need to install the extension, and a new icon will be displayed on your Chrome toolbar. And then surf the Internet as you usually do. Once you come across something interesting that you want to save, click this icon and voilà! It will be saved in Google’s cloud. You can find your saves by googling or by simply clicking on the View Saves button.

The Official store description of the browser bolt-in is:

Easily save interesting webpages to Google with the new Save to Google extension.

One-click save: Click the star to save webpages for later viewing.

Easily navigate your saves via an intuitive visual UI.

One spot for webpages and Images: Your saved webpages and saved images from Google Image Search will live together at

Organize your images: Add Tags to organize your saved webpages and images.

The Save To Google extension doesn’t appear to save the content of the webpage, though. It looks like a searchable list of bookmarks that can be tagged for easier management.

This Chrome extension should not be confused with another extension that is Save To Google Drive, which lets the user send copies of the entire webpages to their Google Drive.

It would be great if Google just merged all these features in a single extension so that the users are not confused with all those extensions.

This Google Extension is now available on the Web Store and it works on Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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