Samsung stays on innovative road to maintain its position
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Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung Electronics Co. boasts that it has the leading position in the electronics market. And indeed it is truth that the South Korean electronics manufacturer is No.1 in the smartphone sales and it is undoubtedly the leader in TVs as well. But the company knows that if it wants to maintain the leading position, it needs to stay on the innovative road and launch innovative products. The company has just unveiled its new innovative products which are aimed at showing consumers a world of options and potential.

One of these innovative products of Samsung Electronics Co. is a revolutionary high-end TV set. The company is also rumored to launch its new flagship smartphone in March. But Samsung Electronics Co., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has not forgotten about emerging markets where the Rex line of budget handsets will be released.

Samsung & TVs market

The company is to continue to focus on the high-end segment of the TV market as sales in that sector are expected to climb about 30 to 40 percent in 2013. Due to the growing significance of the high-end segment of the TV market, the company will launch its new ultra-thin TV with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). But that is not the last of new innovative products in the TV sector as Samsung Electronics Co. will also release other smart TV with voice-recognition capability and 3-D images.

According to a statement, the new smart TV of Samsung Electronics Co. is to be released in February and the 55-inch model will cost more than $4,500. But not only the South Korean electronics manufactures have been focusing on high-end OLED TVs and other more expensive modes as also other companies have decided to take the same step. All this is driven mainly by a visible shift in consumer preference toward mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, Samsung Electronics Co. feels a bigger threat from Japan’s electronics producers such as Panasonic Corp. and iconic Sony Corp. due to a stronger won.

The consumer electronics unit, which produces TVs and home appliances, plays a crucial role in Samsung Electronics Corp. as it helped to increase operating profit to as much as 740 billion won last quarter from nearly 540 billion the same period a year earlier.

Other Samsung’s newness

Apart from its new smart TV, Samsung Electronics Co. is to release new innovative products from other segments as well. At the Samsung Electronics Co.’s Middle East and North Africa Forum, the company has informed about the releases of its hot innovative devices which are aimed at strengthening the company’s position in that market. It is clear that the company has its eyes also on emerging markets. And Middle East and North Africa are indeed much important for the company as it witnessed 65 percent sales growth in the region in 2012.

The fact is that emerging markets are crucial for Samsung Electronics Co., thus it did not forget about them while designing new innovative products. The REX line of budget handsets is specially dedicated to emerging markets. What is interesting is the fact that the Rex line is likely to threaten the position of Nokia Corp. which has been already much dented.

Furthermore, Samsung Electronics Co. is widely expected to launch its new flagship smartphone which is believed to be called the Galaxy S IV. Everything indicates that the launch of the Galaxy S IV will take place on the 14th of March.

Even though Samsung Electronics Co. seems to be focusing on TVs and smartphones, the fact is that the company does remember about other products. Kyung-tae Bae, President of Samsung of Samsung Electronics Co., underlined: "Relentless innovation and discovery are the key principles of our business." And innovation, without a doubt, is the key to success.

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