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Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Windows 10 Convertible Laptop-Tablet Gives Perfect Flexibility

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For years, Lenovo’s Yoga 2-in-1 laptops have been the eye candy for screens that can be flipped all the way back to become a tablet. Samsung’s latest, the Notebook 7 Spin, is a media-friendly convertible laptop and tablet for all your entertainment - movies, games, and all the web surfing. Starting June 26th, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin range will be available at and Best Buy, starting at $799.99.

The latest convertible notebook is designed with multimedia enthusiasts in mind. Samsung's latest HDR-display hybrid laptop comes with Windows 10 features: a full HD touchscreen to draw and markup web pages in Microsoft Edge. There's also Microsoft personal digital assistant, Cortana, as well as access to incredible apps, movies, games, and TV shows through Windows Store. It is also compatible with Windows 10 Continuum feature which automatically adjusts the display and input modes.

Notebook 7 Spin comes in two different sizes - 13.3- and 15.6-inch with a 1080p touch display with an HD range mode. It offers uber-rich colors when watching movies or telly shows. Both the variants come are offered in Platinum Silver.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Specs, Prices, Release Date

The latest Samsung convertible notebook comes with Skylake Core i5 or i7 processor. It’s decked with a 1 terabyte hard drive to support all videos files stored into the device. Features include an internal dual array digital microphone, a combination of an audio jack, SoundAlive, webcam, 1.5-watt stereo speakers, an island-type backlit keyboard and more.

There’s also SSD storage options for users who prefer to increase system speed and performance over storage capacity. There’s no update on the RAM yet, but we’re guessing it’s going to be upgradeable.

Both the variants have an HDMI port, a USB-C port along with three USB-A ports. The 15-inch model does with Ethernet, though.

Notebook 7 Spin 2 Samsung

The 13.3-inch model is decked with 8GB of RAM, and there are 12GB and 16GB variants of the 15-inch model. The 15-inch Samsung Notebook 7 Spin comes with 128GB SSD to support standard 1TB HDD.

The Samsung Windows 10 convertible notebook also comes with fast charging support. Both the variants include a 45Wh battery. The laptop – tablet will get extra two hours of battery life just after 20 minutes of fast charging. Boy, we’re looking forward to that!

The total charge time on the 13.3-inch variant is about 100 minutes, while on the 15-inch variant it is about an hour and a half.

And as expected, the Windows 10 convertible notebook comes with a spin feature – 360-degree display that can be used in all - tent, tablet or the regular clamshell modes.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Price: $799.99. It's ultra-affordable for a hybrid laptop. 

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