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Robot Chef Flipping Pancakes at a Restaurant in Japan

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 Technology is a boon for the human race as it has made life as well as work much smoother for everyone. Along with the advent of artificial intelligence, the robots invented through this technology are quite efficient in the tasks they are trained for. Earlier the robotics departments were not quite well developed but presently, one can notice its influence on various industries. Artificial intelligence has helped in improving the efficiency of sectors like hospitality industry, medical facilities, machine-to-machine communications, labor work, etc. When a device has the AI technology, it has the ability to learn certain tasks and adjust to the needs of the user. For this reason, the use of such high-end robots has begun in the food industry as well.

The use of robots in the food industry began for the packaging of the products on a large scale. During the manufacture of such edible products, a robot was used for dispensing and placing products into the containers. But currently, the usage of robotics has been widened to a great extent. The first robotic restaurant is stationed in Singapore. Known as the Rong Heng Seafood Restaurant, it uses two robotic waitresses to serve its customers. Furthermore, now there is a restaurant which has gone one step further in the field of robotics. This restaurant uses a robot chef who prepares the food served to the customers.

The Restaurant with a Robot Chef

The Henn-Na Restaurant is in southern Japan and is the first of its kind. This buffet-styled restaurant has a robot chef. The eatery is full of real robots which run through IBM’s famous AI software “Watson”. The word ‘Henn-Na’ means weird in Japanese. This restaurant is named so as nobody has ever witnessed a robot chef on a global scale ever before.


These robots can undertake a number of tasks in the restaurant like mixing and serving cocktails, preparing desserts, and they can also prepare the signature dish of this restaurant: the okonomiyaki. The okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake which the robot prepares all by itself. While doing so, the robot first coats a griddle with oil and mixes the batter well. After this, it very expertly flips the pancakes with two spatulas and gives it a finishing touch by dressing it with mayonnaise and dried green seaweed. This robot chef is so efficient that it never drops a single pancake.

The need for a robot chef is prevalent especially in the country of Japan. Apparently, the restaurant industry of Japan is suffering from a lack of available staff. To emphasize on this, the entire Japanese workforce is significantly less in number. All these factors have resulted in the increasing demand of AI robots in Japan.

Will robots steal our jobs?

It is a common misconception that with the advancement of AI in the different industries, the robots might impose a threat upon the employment opportunities of the humans. In fact, with proper planning, they can be really beneficial for the development of any industry. Notably, robots are better at tasks that involve labor than human beings. They also increase the productivity in a short span of time. By doing so, the human force can solely focus on the creative and intellectual tasks which they are good at. By proper distribution of work on the basis of capabilities, robots and human beings can work in synchronization and produce a better output.

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