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Replace the usual Leather Wallets with the Green Banana Paper Wallet

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Recycling is not only beneficial to retain the purity of the environment through the ages but is also profitable from the business point of view. All one needs is an eye to look at various prospects of a waste material and how can one use it in a productive manner.

Be it households or international companies, everyone is adapting recycling to make the most out of waste. Due to increasing population and widespread humanity, disposal of trash becomes a nuisance as it occupies a major chunk of land. Another drawback is that such dumping grounds are the root cause for a majority of infectious diseases. With such factors in mind, innovators from around the world are coming up with unique ways to utilize the waste. Recycling materials from trash help in cutting down the material cost of production. The locals at the Federated States of Micronesia want to do more than just recycle. The Green Banana Paper Wallet is not only made from waste but is also an alternate solution to the use of leather as well as plastic.

Green Banana Paper Wallet_01

The Green Banana Paper Wallet is available on Kickstarter.

There has been a lot of hue and cry about the slaughter of animals to obtain leather. The process of obtaining leather is brutal. This startup uses banana fiber as vegan leather to produce wallets which feel like leather but use the waste of banana trees. It also claims that they produce the unique wallets as they are neither made from leather or plastic.

About the production of the Green Banana Paper Wallet

The Green Banana Paper Wallet is water resistant, unlike the usual leather wallets. It also remains sturdy over a long period of time which is not the case with the usual leather wallets. One needs to take care of animal leather wallets as in case you expose it to the rain, its usefulness goes down the drain. The startup applies an extra layer of wax on the wallets to make sure the water simply rolls off. This prevents the water from harming the belongings inside the wallet.

The wallets use a really thick paper which is double-folded using the origami art. The makers focus on places which undergo maximum wear and tear. These wallets are tested under extreme conditions like sun, snow, rain, road trips, tight pants, airplanes, boats, washing machine, and saltwater. It has proved to be durable in all such conditions. There is a 60-day return policy is prevalent if one doesn't find the product satisfactory.

Green Banana Paper Wallet_02

They are made from banana fibre.

There is an essence of the Micronesia islands on this wallet through an illustration of the beach life on it. The Green Banana Paper Wallet is now a part of the global market through its Kickstarter campaign. On this platform, it has already overtaken its goal at a speedy rate. The production of these wallets also gives an alternative source of income to the local farmers. This will help them develop as entrepreneurs in the near future.

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