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ReachNow; The Luxury Automaker BMW Enters Car-Sharing Economy
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ReachNow, Image Credit: BMW

Ride sharing and car sharing certainly sounds the same. But, despite the similarity, these are two entirely different concepts. Car-sharing economy involves ‘carpooling’, while ride-sharing economy involves ‘cab service’, for instance, Uber.

Seattle is now planning to introduce a brand new option to its residents for moving around the city. The German luxury car manufacturing giant BMW has launched its premium BMW car-sharing service, ReachNow, which allows individuals to rent vehicles that are available for rent nearby. BMW is offering i3, Mini Cooper, and BMW 3 Series as one-way rentals for individuals in the areas of Seattle.

One can easily download the iOS or Android app for ReachNow and register for enjoying the BMW car-sharing service. The luxury car makers said that ReachNow drivers have passed the approval standards for driving. The minimum age requirement for drivers is 21. The ReachNow drivers are required to produce a clean driving record, identity proof, and a valid credit or debit card.

BMW ReachNow

BMW ReachNow, Image Credit: BMW

The BMW car-sharing service can be used to search vehicles that are available nearby for rent. The price of ReachNow is handled on the basis of every minute.

Currently, the German luxury automaker is running a promotional offer, which lowers the rate of driving and eliminates the fee for registration.

Apparently, if everything works according to strategy, the automaker plans to expand its program to Sea-Tac Airport (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport).

The company is also planning to implement a delivery service, which will allow individuals to carry a request for specific vehicles. Other plans for future consist of chauffeur service and permitting owners to lend their personal vehicles on rent.

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