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Rays Experts: India's Green Torch Bearers

Rays Experts: India's Green Torch Bearers

India’s Green Torch Bearers

Rays Experts is one of the best solar companies advising and developing the largest network of solar power plants in India. With extensive international experience and in-depth local expertise, Rays Experts is working towards developing as many solar power plants as possible towards developing a green and clean future.

Rays Experts, Established in 2008, are currently the biggest Solar Power Consultants in India based on the number of projects completed and under execution by this company.

With a strong dedication towards the sustainable development of the Solar Mission in India, Rays Experts is led by professional consulting engineers with a rich experience in the fields of engineering and project implementation of various projects in India along with highly qualified finance experts to take care of the financing structures of their projects.

Business & Scope

With a firm belief that every successful project starts with a dream which is pursued not only with dexterity but with a passion to achieve something big, Rays Experts have, over the years, perfected this combination of capability and passion which has enabled them to help their clients realize their dreams.

Given their exceptional track record of performance, customer care and sustained growth, and the fact that they are currently handling about 15% of the total solar power projects being carried out across the country, Rays Experts has emerged as a pioneer in the Indian Power Sector.

Consulting over 55 clients with a portfolio of more than 650 MW solar plants, Rays Experts offers the capability of being able to deliver at every phase of the project: from the early stage of site selection to commissioning of solar power plant and thereafter taking care of the operation and maintenance of the plants.

Rays Experts provides a complete package to their clients which involves friendliness, convenience, co-operation, expertise backed with a perfect financial model.

Commercial Services

With Commercial services offered by Rays Experts being inclusive of Pre-installation Services, Financial Closure, Project Commissioning, RE Certifications and Module Manufacturing, Rays Experts operate their business with the vision of building “A greener, cleaner world with cheap and abundant energy for everyone’s need”.

The drive towards a greener, more sustainable future has meant an increasing demand for solar modules globally. The combination of a policy shift toward renewable energy, combined with the strong and urgent need for job creation in India is causing the solar market to be at the forefront of the Indian domestic agenda. These forces are arriving simultaneously with the broad availability and declining costs of key materials. Rays Experts estimate that the module demand over the next few years is likely to rise tremendously.

However, there is currently very little capacity to produce these solar modules domestically. Currently, there is not enough domestic production to satisfy the expected demand so there is an enormous opportunity to produce modules in India. And given the ever-increasing demand for these modules in the Indian market, there has never been a better time to produce solar modules.

The production of solar modules offers new market entrants the best access to this exciting and rapidly growing renewable energy market. However, with the presence of several technologies, it becomes very crucial to understand, the most bankable technology.

Experts at Rays, their mission being “to create value for our clients by serving complete package of our highly skilled multi-disciplinary engineering team in the design, delivery and operation of high quality sustainable energy solutions worldwide”, help clients through this entire process; from selecting the appropriate technology to helping clients set up the complete module manufacturing line.

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