Here are questions to ask after a meeting to make you sound smart
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It often happens that after bagging the job, one loses the will to stand out as he has job security. It is a common practice that an individual is comfortable in a particular work routine and continues with it as long as convenient. This might serve as a drawback during business meetings. A meeting is an opportunity wherein an employee can show his involvement in professional activities and also contribute innovative ideas. This is also a chance for you as an employee to get noticed by your colleagues as well as seniors. This is why it’s important to leave a lasting impression in a meeting. On an average, 37 percent of the time by an American employee is spent in a meeting. To make sure that you have left a lasting impact, here are some questions to ask after a meeting.

3 questions to ask before the meeting ends

1.     Can we implement these ideas in our individual way?

We are well aware that artificial intelligence is taking over our jobs. The only factor which makes humans stand out is the individuality with which they tackle every activity. The reason why certain jobs are still meant for humans is that employers expect us to use our own intelligence as well. If the employer needed someone who would simply follow the given instructions, then hiring a person with specific expertise would not be necessary. The ideal way to work is to understand what your leader expects and yield the results by putting to use your own ideas. This gives a unique approach to the task and makes your perspective stand out. Asking such a question at the end of the interview will clearly signify that you are keen on using your expertise to attain the goal set by the company.

In a meeting

On an average, 37 percent of the time by an American employee is spent in a meeting.

2.     Is there a timeline to attain the decided results?

It is a basic human tendency that whenever a certain deadline is given to an individual, he tends to take the job even more seriously. In the case of a meeting, the employee has to showcase his dedication towards the job. And the best way to do so is by showing how much the goal means to you. Usually, people run away from deadlines but if you voluntarily ask for one, it will portray that you are eager to work on the task and attain results as soon as possible. This will not only show your dedication for the project by also your competitive spirit.

3.     How will our clients react to it?

At the end of the day, every company works for a particular client who provides bread and butter. This makes it important to attain results which will please the client. Be it services or products, every step is taken keeping in mind the expectations and demands of the client. Therefore it is also essential that the reaction of the client is thought about before undertaking a particular project. At times, a company pens down a plan from their perspective but misses out on the client’s outlook. By suggesting this approach, it will give an impression that you don't only think about your personal growth. But you also care about the company’s progress which can be achieved by pleasing the client.

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