Qualcomm Hell Bent on Carrying out the iPhone Import Ban
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Around two months back, the Qualcomm Apple lawsuit grabbed a lot of attention in the Silicon Valley. The lawsuit was filed as both the companies were having patent issues between them. This issue initially began with Apple Inc. accusing Qualcomm of overcharging the tech giant for chips. Along with this, Qualcomm also refused to make a payment worth $1 billion to the company. This was followed by an accusation of faulty production on Qualcomm. In order to give an answer to these charges, Qualcomm involved four other companies related to Apple. The chipmaker accused these companies on the pretext of not paying royalties. The next step by this company as an act of defense might result in the iPhone import ban.

As soon as Qualcomm noticed that the legal battle was rapidly escalating its hands, it came up with another defensive move. The move is in context with the lawsuit that is under process and has used this to hinder the import of iPhones in certain companies. With regard to this, the company has officially filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). According to this complaint, the import, as well as sale of iPhones, is termed as unlawful. Qualcomm has requested the organization to look into the matter.


Qualcomm has asked the ITC to probe into the importation of iPhones.

Will the iPhone import ban take place?

Qualcomm has asked the ITC to probe into the importation of iPhones and other Apple products and ban them if possible. The complaint is justified by the company saying that these products have one of the six Qualcomm patents about which the lawsuit is in the process. The chipmaker believes that the sale of these products is unlawful as it is an indirect use of Qualcomm’s technology. It is also claimed that these patents have the ability to enable significant functions and features in a device.

Apart from the iPhone import ban, Qualcomm has also requested ITC to infringe Apple products which have already been imported or on the way to sale in the U.S. All these efforts are an attempt to make sure that Apple is unable to sell its devices as apparently, it has pieces of Qualcomm’s technology in it. Such developments in the lawsuit give us an idea that it is nowhere close to ending anytime soon. The backlashes by both the companies are simply extending the legal battle instead of putting an end to it. All we can do is wait for the ruling by ITC.

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