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Productivity Apps That Are Worth Exploring

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Being a leader is no easy feat. One needs tremendous amounts of focus, commitment, and discipline. If you’re complaining how difficult it gets to manage time, imagine how CEOs juggling two or more companies might feel.

Here are four productivity apps that I recommend for organizing and Zen.

Hours app

For those who are self-employed, Hours is an impressive iOS app giving actionable insights into how you’re spending your time. It’s a great tool for auditing yourself, especially if you’re looking to manage your time/money ratio.

Hours Preview from Hours on Vimeo.

The app is amazingly simple, whether you’re planning to use it for time management or more personal reasons. It also features a timeline, where you can receive immediate feedback about how fragmented your attention is becoming.

Hours makes it easy to split a timer between two projects and add breaks in the middle of the time blocks. You can even set alerts to start timers at the beginning of the day and turn them off towards the end. The goal of the app is to not only make real-time time tracking a pleasant experience, but actually make it easy to get a log of the time you’re worked.

( Hours app – Priced at $9.99, but there are no hidden costs or in-app purchases)

Pocket app

This app gives a relaxed, jovial vibe and is a must for any individual who wants to read interesting and valuable content while traveling offline. If you discover a great article, all you have to do is save it later for offline reading! The content is not limited to text but actually expands to video, slides and other forms of media.

Pocket app productivity app

While browsing through the internet, if you stumble upon a great article, website or product that you’d like to review later, simply bookmark it using Pocket for later use.

The minimalist layout of the Pocket app makes reading fun. It will not only help you stay productive but also enable you to save the best of media in your pocket!

(Pocket app – free)

Polymail app

If you have far too many email apps, you know you’re compromising your productivity. How about an app dedicated to amorous users like yourself?  Enter Polymail, a powerful email productivity platform for Mac and iOS users.

polymail productivity apps

Polymail app splits all social updates from your subscriptions, leaving your inbox full only with messages from people that you reply to regularly.

This iOS app supports multiple inboxes, a read later function and an email tracking facility that allows you to keep tabs on your mail recipients. Beyond that, it also has a slew of typical features like a send later button, an unsend button and an unsubscribe button.

For now, it’s only limited to Google, Outlook, iCloud and Office 365.

( – Priced at $9 per month; enterprise feature coming soon)

Fleep app

Now, here’s a team messaging app that you allows you to connect with your team Slack-style. Although, it can do a great deal more than be your communication app.

Fleep app productivity apps

Its core features include a task manager that lets you keep track of the things you need to accomplish. One can also work on projects on the Fleep platform, view Dropbox files directly within Fleep or upload files from the computer. Each conversations has a files tab so you don’t need to scroll around to retrieve a file someone may have sent you.

( – free)


  • Katherine Bell says:

    Thanks for great toolkit!
    I use Pocket, and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. For time tracking, TimeCamp is my favorite, which is free of charge – I’m working remotely as a freelancer, so it’s one of the biggest advantages for me.

  • Marina Pilipenko says:

    Thanks! Very interesting overview. Definitely going to check Pocket App.

    Our team uses actiTIME for time tracking. Have you tried it? This tool has great design and can fit to company of any size and business type.

  • Mark Hirsch says:

    One the problems with tracking time is the notion of hitting “Start” and “Stop”. Workers cannot be expected to be aware of their timesheets while they are working…the workday is just too frenetic and interrupted. Effective time tracking requires automatic capture of how time is spent…along with automatic assignment of the proper job code to that effort. That’s what makes Openhour TimeTracker so unique. TimeTracker privately captures desktop activity, meetings, browser activity and more…and then automatically generates an accurate timesheet draft for easy review, revision and submission to a company’s existing financial system. It’s automatic, accurate and easy. Timesheets should not be the hardest part of one’s job.

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