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This Is Probably The Most Powerful Mac and iPad Update So Far
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Apple Inc. is known for its cutting-edge innovations. In fact, it wonโ€™t be wrong to say that innovation is the foundation brick of the company. Lisa, Macintosh, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and MacBook are the all the ripe fruits of the massive Apple tree. Year-after-year, the company has managed to keep its large consumer base hooked up with its highly appealing innovation. Although it wouldnโ€™t be wrong to say that things have not been the same since a year.

The lack of innovation in Appleโ€™s premium iPhone, MacBook, and iPad series has invited wrath from the consumers. Furthermore, the market shares are tumbling as Samsung is trying to dent Appleโ€™s rigid wall. But it seems Apple is ready to take a step ahead and crawl back in its innovation track. The latest iPad update is something, which is good enough to at least restore our faith back in Apple.

iPad Update

Restoring the Innovation

Itโ€™s an age-old thought, which says, half of the battle is already won if you have established a brilliant strategy. It seems Apple has certainly made a good use of the thought. A recent Bloomberg reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook is planning several upgrades to latest Apple lineup, i.e. Mac and iPad.

To begin with, upcoming iPad features are making it quite evident that Apple is planning to cater its PRO users with latest software upgrades. This will be taking place to accommodate Apple Pencil Stylus throughout the iOS. The software update will arrive next year. The company is seeking to garner more revenue from its iPad lineup, i.e. its expensive iPad Pro models.

The latest iPad update will allow users to use Apple Pencil throughout the iOS. It wonโ€™t be restricted to a few apps such as Notes. So far, the month of the debut of this new stylus as an iOS 10 incremental update is not clear. It can arrive in the yearโ€™s first half or big fall 2017 eventโ€™s headline feature. To put it differently, it may debut with iOS 11, which is rumored to coming along with iPhone 8 release.

Upcoming iPad Features โ€“ Much More Than Better Software

According to Bloomberg, the iOS giant is working on a powerful display technology. This new iPad update will offer users to experience faster and smoother scrolling, zooming, and panning. But donโ€™t get too excited as these hardware updates are arriving in 2017.

Moreover, Apple is working on new versions of its MacBooks. The iMac will feature upgraded graphics and thinner MacBook Pro. Not only this, MacBook Air will arrive with USB- C (multifunctional technology). Weโ€™re expecting MacBook upgrades in October. MacBook keyboard will feature key display, which will offer a set of keys. These function keys will cater user of OS X.

Likewise, Apple is finally taking the curtains off the technology, which users are desperately waiting for. Apple is upgrading its standalone display with a brand new 5K monitor. Apple has collaborated with another tech giant LG Electronics for the standalone feature. As a matter of fact, the latest display will be seven times larger in the size from the current TV 1080 pixels.

Apple is hosting a huge media event on September 7. Weโ€™re anticipating the launch of the latest iPhone 7 on the same day. The company may promote iOS 10, too.

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