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Private Jets: The New “Blackberry” for Top Execs

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Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream's G650_World's Most Luxurious Private Jets

If you’re thinking these are just style statements flaunted by super-rich corporate world leaders who don’t know what to do with their money, think again.

With the need for top executives to travel faster and keep their businesses ahead of the race fast becoming a reality, much like the need to email-on-the-go a decade ago, private jets are becoming increasingly popular, and even necessary.

Sure, there have been a lot of controversies regarding the appropriateness of the use of private jets, for environmental as well as financial reasons, such as the Wall Street Journal’s recent report on the personal v/s business usage of corporate jets.

However, all this aside, we absolutely believe in the fact that using private jets is becoming increasingly indispensable for leading global business houses, and so here we are with details of some of the most expensive (read: luxurious) private jet planes.

The Gulfstream G650

Flying at speeds of up to 0.925 Mach, the G650 by Gulfstream, this company’s top-of-the-line jet, offers the longest range and fastest speed as compared to any other business jet.

Plush sport leather-lined with glossy wooden bars, the colours and wood that construct the interiors of the G650 can be customized a great deal to suit its owner.

With the motto of this plane being “enjoy everything, sacrifice nothing”, the exclusive detailed design of the G650 caters to the opulent lifestyles of contemporary executives and the fact that they are most productive when they are most comfortable.

The enhanced cabin management system of the G650 adapts seamlessly to upgrades in technology, while the use of touch controls combined with a mobile-phone interface allows for intuitive, effortless management of the jet’s cabin.

Boeing Business Jet

With a firm dedication to bringing the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) presents the ultimate, most luxurious way to travel.

Boeing Business Jet lounge area

BBJ lounge area

Offering customers a wide range of Boeing products which can be customized for the private, business, or governmental sectors, the space, reliability, and world wide support that come along with one of these commercially inspired airplanes make the BBJ an excellent value proposition when outfitted for the private market.

With typical BBJ customers including people who put a high premium on mobility, for both their airplane and themselves, these super-luxurious jets offer the ideal travel means for those cannot afford to be immobilized when they travel, but prefer to live as they do on the ground, with access to an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more.

Depending on the model, capacity, customization level, etc, a BBJ can cost anywhere between $47–310 million.

Airbus ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jetliner) “A319CJ"

The ACJ319, alongwith the other two jets in the same family, offer larger alternatives to other jets, delivering cabins that are approximately twice as wide as traditional business jets, but without taking up a lot of additional ramp space

With the ability to carry larger executive, family and government groups, the Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319 and ACJ320 are serve a purpose that traditional business jets cannot.

All Airbus ACJs benefit from the use of advanced aerodynamics, modern metal alloys and composites resulting in durable airframes that are lighter and more fuel efficient. Every single Airbus ACJ benefits from flyby-wire technology, with full flight-envelope protection, less maintenance and a more comfortable ride.

The list price for A319CJ is around $77 million, but in case you’re in the mood to splurge, you could opt for an upgrade and get the dream of all private jets – the Superjumbo Airbus A380 for a cool $320m+.

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