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Prescription for Successful Leaders: A Chill Pill

If you think the key ingredient to success is only hard work then you got it all wrong. The biggest secret to get successful is … TO CHILL. Surprised to think how that works? Read on to know what makes a leader successful.

Know what’s the secret recipe to become rich, famous and well known? Want to know what makes someone a great leader? CHILLING! An efficacious leader is one who knows how to compartmentalize personal and professional life.

You must feel that great leaders work 24/7 and never take leave. If you think that taking a holiday from work doesn’t ‘make’, but in fact, ‘breaks’ a leader, then you’ve got it all wrong. Even God took a break on the 7th day and look where he is now? Believe it or not but taking a break from work is one of the most beneficial things to happen to your organization. In fact, that’s one major reason why their organizations are making tonnes of money. You may ask how taking breaks can help you become successful and earn a million dollars. Here’s your answer…

Why taking a break is important?

Refreshing and rejuvenating:

Anything mundane makes you tired and bored. You start hating your job once you think that you keep doing the same thing over and over again. So the minute you start feeling a little bored, take the weekend off, just sit and relax with your family. Do things that make you happy. Go for a hike or just take your favorite bike. Unwinding helps you come up with the energy to put in more efforts in the coming days and also be more creative with your thoughts.

Gives you time to think better:

A break from work can help you think better for the future of your company. Vacations give you the time to think more constructively and positively. It’s true! Try planning a business strategy during work and during your break. You’ll realize that the latter gives you more creative ideas. A leader’s greatest asset is his thinking capability. The right environment can charge your mind like a fast-charger and in no time you’ll be able to come up with solutions for all your problems faster than you think.

Helps to maintain relations:

As stated in standard psychology books- ‘man is a social animal.’ Therefore the most important thing to a man is his family and friends. Nowadays, people are seen immersed in their jobs, often forgetting that there are people who look forward to spending time with them. Neglecting your friends and family for work may not help you in your job. Not being able to spend quality time with your close ones can also make work life miserable. Most successful leaders will always tell you that they see to it they take out time and spend their breaks with their family. It may sound unusual, but the support of your family members is something that will actually help you work better.

You need to remember that work is a ‘part’ of your life and not your ‘life’. Allow us to give you a fine example of a successful leader who swears that spending time with his loved ones is what helps him work better. Owner of WeWork-- which also happens to be a billion-dollar company-- Adam Neumann keeps a Shabbat every weekend. He doesn’t entertain calls nor reply to emails from Friday evening till Saturday’s sunset. Adam organizes a get-together with friends and family and spends his evening catching up with his close ones. In his interview with Yediot Aharonot, he mentioned, “The real magic is that the more I do it, the more successful the company is.” Now, what’s more to say?

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