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Porsche’s Mission E Will Charge 250 Miles In 15 Min
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Imagine driving off to attain twenty-five miles in about fifteen minutes. That will definitely be a wonderful experience, right?

We will be right to deduce that classic experience is on the mind of VW Group as they build their next big luxury electric automobile, Mission E. Porsche pilot electric car conceptualized by the parent automobile company Volkswagen of Germany (since 2015) promises to deploy the best of fast charge technology any automobile maker is yet to offer electric car users.

With its sleek sporty and four-door, of course, luxurious appearance coupled with its electric power, it is certain that Mission E will surely trigger loads of adrenaline amongst sports car and electric car enthusiasts. With about a year to its expected release date of 2019, there are key things about the Mission E which have been revealed to the public; bordered on its charging capacity and acceleration.

Image: Porsche Mission E

According to Stefan Weckbach, head of battery electric vehicles at Porsche in an interview with Ars Technica, Porsche is getting really serious about charging. It is certain that the Mission E will be equipped to use 800 Volts fast-charging and a driving power that’s enough to put 250 miles of range in less than 20 minutes.

"The fascinating thing about this project has been the team spirit and enthusiasm which has infected the entire organization. The entire company is working towards a single goal: with Mission E, we will offer a fully electric Porsche which is a perfect fit for our brand, finds approval with our customers, and rightfully bears the name 'Porsche," Weckbach said.

This surely is a giant leap when put together in comparison with the rival, Tesla Model S Supercharger which deploys 480 Volts fast charge. Having a total energy of 447kW, it’s expected that the Porsche Mission E will at least get to about 310 miles from a 95kWh battery pack.

With the deployment of 800 volts supercharge by Porsche on the Mission E, electric car dealers will be required to upgrade and get equipped with such super-fast-charging stations that will be compatible with the Mission E, although the car would work with other charging standards as well. The only challenge is that it would take a longer period to charge the battery fully. Porsche’s Mission E will also avail its users a wireless charging option, which would be feasible through inductive charging when the car is packed over a coil embedded in the garage’s floor.

Porsche plans to stay original with the Mission E by not using sound effects to imitate the sounds of an engine-powered vehicle like other electric car makers do. The Porsche Mission E is a bold step by Volkswagen to embrace the electric status of their luxury sports car brand.

As a high-end supercar, if Porsche’s Mission E maintains the speculated price tag of $85,000, i.e. the same price with “entry-level Panamera,” it would definitely be a great buy for every sports car lover.

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