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Pornographic scene shot in an Autopilot-enabled Tesla? Elon Musk deserves some blame

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Pornstar Taylor Jackson may have kicked off a dangerous trend that could, quite possibly, lead to death. As much as we know, she’s the first adult actress to shoot a pornographic scene in a moving vehicle not controlled by a human driver – an act that would inarguably inspire others to reenact the scene.

In the pornographic scene, Jackson engaged in various sex acts with a man in the driver’s seat while riding an Autopilot-enabled Tesla.

Jackson could be one of the idiots we must recognize while letting loose technologies with serious cautions like semi-autonomous systems. Or do you think Elon Musk should be blamed?

We saw it coming, that people would fuck in self-driving cars. Sexual fantasies could have no bounds for some people. But the truth here is that the safety level in our current autonomous technology is still very far from allowing this kind of distraction.

Tesla model-s

Image: Tesla Model S

Tesla made it clear that autopilot can’t be used without human driver input. It is only an assistive measure and not the primary means of controlling a car. The system requires “a fully attentive driver” with their hands on the wheel and ready to control the vehicle at any time, Tesla writes on its website. “It is not a self-driving system,” but designed to be capable of doing so over time.

All Autopilot crashes we have seen so far involved human drivers willing to control the vehicle at any time and yet that couldn’t stop the accidents. How much more when one allows a serious distraction behind an autopilot system? A pedestrian was killed last year by a self-driving Uber. And reports claim the driver was watching Hulu – a far less distracting condition. The systems could be designed using different AI algorithms but the final conclusion is that none of the current autonomous vehicles on the road are safe enough to be driven without interventions from a human driver.

Elon Musk could be saying it’s not safe but acting differently

Musk abused Tesla’s autopilot in a 60-minute interview with Journalist Lesley Stahl in December 2018. His actions behind the wheels of Model 3 practically explained that Tesla cars can operate themselves without human intervention. Settling back into the driver’s seat with his hands clasped together over his stomach, after activating the vehicle’s semi-autonomous driving system, Stahl asked Musk “Do you feel safe?” and the CEO answered “Yeah.” What does that mean to other Tesla owners? Musk wasn’t driving at all neither did he place his hands on the wheel.

The interview was an opportunity to educate Tesla owners on how to switch lanes with the Model 3 autopilot. But Musk ceased it to advertise how comfortable it could feel behind the wheels of Autopilot-enabled Tesla. Tesla Autopilot accidents may be rare – rarer than accidents caused by human drivers –but it’s not proper to publicly give drivers undue confidence in the system still under experiments. Drivers afraid of removing their hands on the wheel before the interview would clearly begin to think differently. And Jackson’s Autopilot porno scene is only a public copy of what Tesla owners are currently doing behind their Tesla wheels.

On the 2016 Tesla Model 3 accident in Florida that killed a man, the driver was warned to react for six-seconds before the crash, according to Tesla. While we could accept that the report is not a way of shifting blames, can the Autopilot sex act performer Taylor Jackson possibly dismount her partner and take control of the vehicle within that space of time? Perhaps. Well, that’s not the major danger. One can disengage Tesla’s Autopilot system by simply applying a force to the steering wheel – an easy thing to do while banging in the driver’s seat.

Tesla would not likely condone this behavior but the public should note the grave risk in doing so.

Jackson’s porn video behind the wheels of Autopilot-enabled Tesla has since this week been trending in different corners, particularly on Pornhub. A major concern should be how the general public would respond. Will more persons adore the scene and desire the experience?

Tesla has not responded to the video at the time of writing this article. However, it will arguably remind the company’s investors that Tesla’s self-driving system is very close to its promise by 2020. The dumb act would also further inspire more investors, with self-driving technology manufacturers having already received a lot of money despite not having a single commercial product.

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