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Policy changes proposed by Facebook are asked to be withdrawn
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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook Inc.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook Inc.

Two of privacy support groups on the 26th of November insisted on an extraction of planned changes of Facebook Inc. that would enable them to share the information of users with the photo application called Instagram that has been obtained only of late. Planned changes of Facebook will not only loosen some of restrictions for emails within the boundaries of the social network but also eliminate the system of user voting.

The Report

According to the reports, changes that were unveiled by the social network Facebook Inc. on the 21st of November raised for its users privacy risks and violated some of the previous commitments that were made by the company to somewhere around 1 billion of its members. This report on planned changes of Facebook was released by the Center for Digital Democracy and the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Privacy support groups along with the reports made the proposal for a withdrawal of the changes so that the social network Facebook Inc. might avoid the risk of endangering data of its members.  The chief executive of social network Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg met with these proposals from two privacy support groups. Suggestions were made in a letter to Zuckerberg from Jeffrey Chester, the Center for Digital Democracy president and Marc Rotenberg, the president of Electronic Privacy Information Center.

The on-goings

The letter published in websites of privacy support groups said that planned changes of Facebook might affect the privacy of its users and the terms of the recent agreement that the Federal Trade Commission made with them. It was underlined that by means of sharing information with this kind of applications, the social network would violate its own policy of keeping user information and services separate. Online companies like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. are facing an growing amount of scrutiny regarding their privacy policies as consumers tend to hand over more and more personal information to these Web services. Ever since the announcement of policy revisions, the social network Facebook Inc. has faced scrutiny from privacy support groups.

Changes proposed by Facebook

Facebook Inc. has revealed a string of changes to their terms and services, one of which includes the scrapping of its users the right to vote regarding changes made to the policies. Recently planned changes of Facebook gathered above 17000 comments at the end of 26th of November. The latest group of changes proposed by social network Facebook Inc. also includes a removal of a setting that enables users the choice of people who can get in touch with with them over its email system. According to privacy support groups, this change will increase the receipt of spams and undesirable messages by users. Privacy support groups have asked the social network to withdraw some of changes proposed by it for the good of its users.

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