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Phones to get ultrasound gesture control in first half of 2015
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Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) Japan 2014

Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) Japan 2014

At the Ceatec 2014 technology show outside Tokyo, Elliptic Labs introduced Multi Layer Interaction, a new tech for mobile devices that allows users to display different content on a phone depending on the location and distance between their hand and the screen.

In a video provided by the company, users can lock and unlock their phone by double-tapping in the air or simply by walking within 20 inches of it. When a gesturing hand moves near through invisible layers toward the screen, the control panel appears and then an app can be selected. Elliptic said its system can separately recognize hand, finger, wrist and body motion.

“The new Multi Layer Interaction brings users the latest advance in intuitive device interactions. Without touching the device, as your hand moves towards your phone for example, the screen lights up and information is displayed. As you continue to move your hand closer, different information is revealed. It’s all about improving the user experience and by presenting easier ways to interact with mobile devices,” said Elliptic Labs CEO Laila Danielsen. “Our new Multi Layer Interaction makes it faster to work with applications you use repeatedly during the day, such as checking messages, playing games, navigating maps, interacting with social media, and watching videos.”

According to the company, with this new capability device makers can build mobile phones that provide a more unique navigation experience and quicker interactions. Multi Layer Interaction aggravates the most popular interactions with a little amount of effort. Manufacturers can also contrive entirely new methods to interact with portable devices; it can also be used to wake up a device, even when the main application processor is sleeping.

“We share Elliptic's vision for creating products that enhance the way people interact with consumer electronics. We are excited to partner with Elliptic to deliver natural touchless gesture capabilities to our customers,” said, Satoshi Sonoda, Senior Vice President, Device Business Unit at Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

With Elliptic Labs’ gesture recognition technology, it is sensitive enough to respond to even the smallest gesture. The active area around the device is 180 degrees, and up to 50 cm with accurate distance measurements made possible by ultrasound.

Elliptic Labs new software developer kit (SDK) enables OEMs to cost-effectively collaborate intuitive and consumer-friendly touchless gesturing into their devices. The company is offering a software development kit now, but only through emailed request.

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