PayPal is New Money, says its Super Bowl 50 ad
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Tech companies like to reach the masses. And what can have a wider range than the Super Bowl? It’s really wide audience, all engrossed to the screen. And due to such a huge audience, companies are breaking the bank for a TV appearance during the big game.

Airtime during Super Bowl 50 is bought for as much as $5 million for an ad of 30 seconds, as stated by CBS, the network which broadcasts the game. According to a report, more than 114 million viewers tuned into last year’s game, that was the matchup between Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. All these viewers expect to watch some creative and memorable ads during the game.

PayPal is making its Super Bowl debut with its ad – “There’s a New Money in Town”. This ad aims at the traditional financial systems and promotes its idea about the future of money. According to Dan Schulman, the Chief Executive of the company, “The world is gradually dominated by the new software and mobile, which will create opportunities to change the typical financial systems. We can now imagine how technology can change the future of money.”

The ad tries to show that technology can drastically impact in reaching the people who are not a part of the financial system. The ad provides an inclusive vision of the future of the transactions and what money can be.

 The ad is 45-seconds long and is put together with Demi Lovato’s track “Confident” for the section when the “old money” systems are shown. It represents “old money” with paper bills, banks that close by 5 p.m. and institutions that still rely on the traditional transactions. Further, the ad feature company’s tagline, “PayPal is new money” which shows advanced methods of online payments that are available 24*7 and is accessible to all people.

This ad is made by CP+B LA ad agency and is the first major marketing campaign from the company since it got separated from eBay. This former eBay Property is trying to prove that it can grow the user base even as a stand-alone company. It recently added 6.6 million new users and has gained 17% growth in the revenue in the recent quarter.

Many other tech companies will be showing their ads during the game and the list includes – T-Mobile featuring Drake with his Hotline Bling, Amazon Echo having Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino, Squarespace featuring Key and Peele, Machine Zone featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger,, and with Kung Fu Panda.

You can watch the ad "There's a New Money in Town" below:

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