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Pavlok Shock Clock; a Wearable Alarm Clock that Jolts You Out of Bed with Electric Shock
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Pavlok Shock Clock

Pavlok Shock Clock, Image Credit: IndieGoGo

For all those days when you absolutely cannot wake up on time, there's now a clock that jolts you out of bed.

Pavlok, the company behind this alarm clock, has released Shock Clock, a new version of its wearable that's designed to zap you awake. The company had released a similar product in 2014 that not only tracks userโ€™s daily habits, but actually helps them change their behavior for the better. The original zap-dispensing wearable was aimed at weaning off bad habits from sugar cravings to tobacco addiction with electric shocks.

The device is a wearable alarm clock that wakes up people with an electric shock. It's mainly for those chronic snoozers for whom the radio, loud music, and regular alarm clocks aren't enough. The makers are hoping to eliminate the snooze button with this single-purpose version.

The wristband utilizes aversion therapy to train the brain to get out of bed faster. The makers guarantee that it will break a personโ€™s oversleeping habit in less than a week. The device administers a mild electric shock to the user at the same time each day, because of which the brain will quickly become adverse to the pain forcing the person to wake up early.

The idea is not to shock a person every morning, the company claims. It is to program the wearer's mind to permanently become a morning person.

Shock Clock pairs with an app that enables the wearer to set an alarm. When the alarm goes off, the band will first start with a discreet vibrate, then beep loudly. Finally, if the person continues to sleep, it'll then escalate to an electric shock. Over time, the wearer will be conditioned to respond to the vibration alone.

Despite the product being fully developed, Pavlok is launching the band on Indiegogo. The campaign has set a total goal of just $1,000, which perhaps is already a success proving that crowdfunding is more about marketing rather than actual funding.

There isnโ€™t any difference between the latest $99 device and original $169 Pavlok band. Those owning the original will be provided with the alarm clock functionality on top of standard features in September but the new device will include only the alarm clock functions. The Boston-based firm said that if the campaign hits the $50,000 mark, it will enable the latest wearable to be upgraded to have full Pavlok features.

The band will be available for $79, which is a 20 percent discount on the full $99 price tag.

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