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A holistic logistics provider for efficient, intelligent and cost-effective logistics solutions across the globe, Pan Asia Logistics offers a complete range of fully integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions through their worldwide network.

With uncompromised orientation towards their customers’ needs, Pan Asia Logistics is one of the fastest growing logistics solutions providers in Asia Pacific.

Established through a Singapore/Germany joint venture, with a vision to cater to the expanding needs of their global clientele, Pan Asia Logistics provides highly efficient concepts which are designed so as to optimize their customers’ supply chains and drive value for their businesses.

While the headquarters for Pan Asia Logistics are located in Singapore, the company has more than 25 offices in Asia, comprising strong teams of experienced and highly trained professionals from diverse multinational and cultural backgrounds.  Supported by an extensive network of partners, agents and alliances around the world, Pan Asia Logistics’ global infrastructure strategically positions them to provide innovative one-stop logistics solutions for their clients.

Values and Vision

Committed towards delivering the highest standards in operations, customer service excellence and environmental protection, Pan Asia Logistics has put these high standards in place at every level of their organisation to ensure consistency of premium quality service worldwide.

As part of their commitment to the environment, the company strives to reduce carbon emissions through intelligent solutions that minimise environmental impact.

Pan Asia Logistics recognizes that the successes of their clients’ businesses are intricately linked with the success of their business and their clients’ success is their success, and this understanding is reflected in their short and long-term dealings.

With integrated systems for secured data transfer and web-based platform solutions, Pan Asia Logistics offers total visibility and real-time information to keep their customers updated about orders and shipments during the entire supply chain.

Using powerful state-of-the-art IT systems, Pan Asia Logistics offer seamless and secure support for logistics processes, including Warehouse Management, Transport Management & Transport Planning, Inventory Management, Vendor Management, Freight Management and Supply Chain Management.

Additionally, their communication platform provides controlling interfaces to connect all partners of the supply chain, while also channelling the document flow, and offering total supply chain transparency.

Warehousing, Distribution & Contract Logistics

With a full array of warehouse services coupled with customised storage programmes and fully automated warehouse management systems, Pan Asia Logistics is able to provide individually tailored logistics solutions.

Equipped with short-term and permanent capacity for all storage types ranging from high-base storage, bulky and oversized goods storage to air-conditioned and dangerous goods facilities, Pan Asia’s expertise and experience in designing, planning and managing warehouse and distribution processes is focused on the optimisation of their customers’ supply chains and the subsequent reduction of logistics costs.

With the ability to monitor their customers’ inventories, taking account of stock levels and stock ageing so that their clients can reduce storage and insurance cost, lower taxes and tied-up capital, and maximise profits, the company’s integrated supply chain solutions are customised to meet a range of logistics requirements and optimise logistics processes along the entire value-added chain.

Managing all processes within the supply chain from the vendor to the end customer, and providing total control and visibility from order process to delivery, Pan Asia secures material flows for their clients and accelerates through-put times.

One of the few logistics providers licensed by the Singapore government to conduct business under the Approved 3 PL Scheme, Pan Asia Logistics also provides fully licensed storage facilities for hazardous goods, ensuring safety and proper handling for their customers’ goods.

Ocean and Air Freight

Providing a full range of ocean freight services worldwide, Pan Asia Logistics offers the ability to handle any size of freight from less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container-load (FCL) to special equipment and over-sized cargo.

They manage the entire forwarding process, book cargo, arrange pick-up and delivery and manage shipping documentation in accordance with the customs requirements of the export and import countries.

Pan Asia Logistics offers customized airfreight products, from priority express services with guaranteed time features to day-definite consolidation services with alternative up-lift solutions. They also offer door-to-door services worldwide to ensure seamless delivery and less handling of their clients cargo, thus minimising any risk of delays.

Enterprise of the Year Award 2010

Pan Asia Logistics won the EYA (Enterprise of the Year Award) for 2010 at The Entrepreneur of the Year event which is the oldest Award in Singapore that honours local entrepreneurs who have established and sustained a successful and profitable business.

Since its inception in 1989, the Award has paid tribute to hundreds of local entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and drive in their field of business, while making social contribution a significant part of their business philosophy. The Award has since grown to become a prestigious mark of success that entrepreneurs aspire to attain, and a platform where deserving entrepreneurs are showcased nationally.

EYA for Enterprise being awarded to Christian Bischoff of Pan Asia Logistics, for his exceptional entrepreneurial performance in establishing their businesses, is representative of the high quality of delivery and efficiency of services provided by Pan Asia Logistics.

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