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Oscar-Winner Actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s Environmental Documentary Making Waves Globally

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Oscar-winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio pompously premiered his latest climate change documentary ‘Before The Flood’ at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday. In its international premiere, the documentary depicts the travelogue of a world in crisis as the environmental activist actor travels around the globe to journal the dangers of climate change.

Climate change documentary Before The Flood

The documentary is constituted under RatPac Documentary Films, Appian Way and Insurgent Media production. Leonardo DiCaprio, Brett Ratner, Fisher Stevens, James Packer, Jennifer Davisson and Trevor Davidoski have produced it. The doc rides to Miami, Beijing, Indonesia and Canada. Furthermore, DiCaprio interviews persons in developing and developed nations who give their outlook on what must be done today and in the future. They mainly focus on how to shift our economic and political systems into environmentally friendly foundations.

Oscar-winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio remarks in a recent media statement that climate change is the most crucial threat facing our planet today. Furthermore, he believes in working together as a communal voice for major action. This is because the very survival of humans depends on it. This documentary explains the warning signs and solutions of climate change. Before information faints because of those with financial interests in fossil fuel production, action is important.

According to the director Fisher Stevens in Entertainment Weekly , the recording took place in a July 2015 visit to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.

Nat Geo and 'Before the Flood'

National Geographic Channel has acquired worldwide rights to the documentary. National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe claims that Nat Geo is given the occasion to view the documentary foremost. Monroe also believes that National Geographic has an extended history of motivating viewers to care about the planet. However, now amidst undeniable crisis such as climate change, there arises the responsibility to encourage others to act. The global reach of our Nat Geo along with DiCaprio’s zeal and Fisher’s gripping tale telling will give this critical issue a lot more concentration than before.

According to TIFF documentary programmer Thom Powers' review of the film, DiCaprio trips to Alberta, Canada to observe its lethal tar sands. He beholds the regularly flooded streets of Miami Beach, Florida. Furthermore, he visits Beijing, a city cloaked by continuous smog. Then again he explores Indonesia, a country parched by forest fires driven by flawed palm oil development. Moreover, Powers believes that oscar-winner actor Leonardo Dicaprio’s zeal and curiosity radiate in his candid talk and genuine interest. Delving in its fascinating tour, climate change documentary ‘Before the Flood’ reminisces of the beauty and variety of the globe. Furthermore, he remarks that it stimulates to perform whatever it takes to save the earth.

DiCaprio and National Geographic

The most delighting fact about the documentary is that it features a roster of environmental champions as guest stars. These include Tesla CEO and inventor Elon Musk and astronaut Piers Sellers. Furthermore, activist and environmentalist Sunita Narain and President Barack Obama are also a part of it.

Climate change documentary ‘Before the Flood’ will knock theaters in New York and Los Angeles from 21st October 2016. Additionally, the National Geographic Channel will air the documentary globally in 171 countries and 45 languages on October 30.

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