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One Leadership Excellence Lesson That Watching Other People Succeed Taught Me
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A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs believe that there’s something wrong with aiming really high. As a matter of fact, I hear a lot of people these days say that if you strive for success, you must not at all be concerned with being significant. Leadership excellence means never focusing on what you want, and just keep doing, they say. Now, that’s wrong and contradictory. How can you be a go-getter and still not dream of aiming high? Being human means to realize our gifts and live life fully. We were built to rise and shine. There’s nothing wrong with aiming insanely high and taking the steps required to achieve remarkable success in the world.

leadership excellence warren buffett

Warren Buffett, an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist.


Success is a reflection of a healthy self-esteem. It is the creative pursuit of a passion. Success, health, and happiness don’t just happen. These elements of your life are created. We often look at a successful human being and assume they got lucky or were born into their condition.

What we fail to see, is all the devotion and discipline that went into creating the extraordinary success we see. To be successful in life, it takes more than personal and professional greatness. One has to make some sacrifices and pay the price in terms of self-control and dedication to their mission.

The Swan Effect

The success makes it all look so easy. Take for example the swan. It gracefully moves on a lake. It is an elegance in motion, but what we don’t see is the rigorous activity going on underneath the surface. We don’t see the hard work put in by the swan, the way it is constantly paddling with its webbed feet. The constant paddling propels the swan forward in a graceful motion that we see and admire.

This movement is a metaphor for leadership excellence. We admire the best in the fields because they are able to make it all look so easy. This is called the swan effect. We don’t see the hard work in the shadows as it is well hidden underneath the graceful display of excellence. You never get to see all the hard work taking place below the surface of the water. So, do not take anybody’s success for granted.

The best way to manifest success in your life is by thorough practice. Set up a series of practices to keep you at your best and help you stay in a positive state. These practices will lock you into your best, most productive state.

  • Start your day with a strong workout and a well-balanced breakfast.
  • Listen to music for 15 minutes. It will only energize you and make life seem better.
  • Start your day with some journaling where you record your feelings, thoughts, blessings and the things you are grateful for.
  • I would also suggest using affirmations to get your mind focused.

In life, success, health, and happiness don’t just show up knocking at your door. You need to create them. You need to aim for them, aspire and reach there. You need to set up a series of practices, perform them with consistency. So, what do you think? Apart from the aforementioned lesson to achieve leadership excellence, are there any others you would like to propose? Share it in the comments.

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