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Office Meetings Are No Longer a Hassle, Thanks to Acer Chromebase
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Acer Chromebase

Acer Chromebase, Image Credit: Google

Google unveiled Chromebase for Meetings, which are first of its kind, in association with the Taiwanese multinational giant Acer. The Acer Chromebase is a desktop computer exclusively designed for video conference. The $799 PC is available in Australia, Ireland, United States, and Canada.

At CES 2016, we saw the first glimpse of Acer Chromebase, but at that time, it wasn’t loaded with enterprise software version of Google. The Chromebase for meetings tracks meetings’ schedules and offers support for hangout sessions of 25 individuals. It is easily accessible by individuals having no Google account.

The dedicated system for video conferencing arrives with an easy setup. According to the company, it’s easy to plug and easy to connect to a network.

Chromebase devices have existed previously, but in 2014, Google jumped into the business of hardware for video conferencing followed by launching Chromebox, exclusively for meetings. Now it seems that Google wants to introduce more devices, which will meet the requirements of the corporate world.

The Acer Chromebase arrives with a 24-inch display screen with 720p, adjustable camera, a 4-mic array, and 2 speakers for conference use. It includes several ports at the rear, which includes one port for USB 2.0, three ports for USB 3.0, one port for headphones, and another one for SD card reader.

The Chromebase for meetings has tools for remote management. Due to this, the IT team of an office can easily troubleshoot audio and video quality, along with other information and technology related issues.

Senior Product Manager at Google’s Chrome for Work, Vidya Nagarajan wrote in a blog post, “Acer Chromebase is an all-in-one secure video-conferencing device optimized for use in small meeting areas with up to two people.”

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