Nymi Bracelet: Unlocks devices with your Heartbeat
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Bionym - Nymi Bracelet

Bionym - Nymi Bracelet

A Toronto-based company called Bionym Inc. has invented a new wristband popularly called as Nymi Bracelet that confirms user's identity through their own heartbeat and then communicates the authentication to their devices such as cars, phones, computers and other nearby devices that belong to the user.

Security experts and companies are increasingly turning to our internal features as an alternative method of authentication, and one of the latest developments in this field is the Nymi wristband.

The Nymi Bracelet executes as a three-factor security system. It requires your personalized Nymi wristband, your unique heartbeat, and a smartphone or device that has been registered to the app. This system monitors the unique pattern of the wearer's heartbeat. The convenient and guaranteed authentication is enabled through an embedded electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor. When the Nymi wristband recognizes your personal ECG, it then communicates your identity to your devices. The activated Nymi Bracelet can be used to access to all registered devices, completely bypassing passwords and PINs.

“It was actually observed over 40 years ago that ECGs had unique characteristics,” BionymInc. CEO Karl Martin pointed out to Tech Hive. “The modern research into practical systems goes back about 10 years or so. What we do is ultimately look for the unique features in the shape of the wave that will also be permanent over time. The big breakthrough was a set of signal-processing and machine-learning algorithms that find those features reliably and to turn them into a biometric template.”

"When you clasp the Nymi wristband around your wrist it powers on. By placing a finger on the topside sensor while your wrist is in contact with the bottom sensor, you complete an electrical circuit. After you feel a vibration and see the LEDs illuminate, your Nymi bracelet knows you are you and your devices will too. You will stay authenticated until your Nymi bracelet is taken off," it's explained on the firm's website.

This system authorizes complete security without compromising convenience. Users are able to create custom notifications, allowing for seamless connection to emails, texts, social updates and more. The app will be available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX.

"When it comes to identity, privacy is a chief concern," said Karl Martin, CEO of Bionym Inc., "The Nymi has been built by the principles of Privacy by Design. This means that each user has complete control over their data and identity. Transparency is very important to Bionym Inc.'s culture, and every user has a right to know where their data is going."

The Nymi can be pre-ordered on 4 September 2013 for $79 (£50) for the first 250,000 orders, with worldwide shipping at a flat rate of $10.Orders will be limited to four wristbands per customer. After the first run of 25,000 units is sold out, the price will switch to $99 (£63), with shipment beginning in early 2014.

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