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No more relying on Blue Apron for Meal Kits

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Meal kits

Meal kits or fresh food subscriptions seem to be the latest trend since companies like Blue Apron, Plated and HelloFresh try to become the de facto of providing them.

Among these companies only Blue Apron has reached the so-called “Unicorn” status. This company delivers accurately measured ingredients and recipes to customers so they can enjoy a home-cooked meal. All the recipes can be prepared in 35-minutes or less and contain less than 700 calories per meal. It charges around $8 to $15 per serving, on the basis of ingredients required for the selected meal. In this crowded place, this startup has emerged as a leader.

The price of these recipe kits is usually higher per serving compared to the price of the ingredients at the grocery stores, but customers are willing to pay some extra bucks for the convenience they offer. But this might come to an end as grocery stores have joined the race of providing meal kits.

Recently, supermarket chain GIANT/MARTIN’S launched its own recipe kits at Camp Hill and Hampden Township in Pennsylvania. It also started delivering those kits through Peapod customers in Harrisburg, PA, and Jersey City, NJ. Each of these kits included fresh ingredients in premeasured amount and a recipe to cook the meal. A two serving kit costs around $14.99 and a four serving kit costs $24.99. These kits were supposed to be launched in 10 additional GIANT stores in the Greater Philadelphia by the end of January.

Another initiative is taken by Hy-Vee, a Midwest grocery store chain. It has come up with meal preparation workshop, known as Let’s Dish. This workshop targets parents who want to cook in a fun environment. Groups need to come to the store at prescheduled time and prepare their meals using the onsite kitchen. This kitchen will contain all the necessary groceries, prewashed and sautéed as per the requirement of the recipe. Participants can prepare a family meal and take it to their home. The participants are charged $90 per family, including the cost of all the groceries used.

An entire store dedicated to globally inspired recipe kits was debuted in Brookline, MA and is known as Pantry. Each of these recipes can be prepared in less than 45 minutes. The store also includes sommelier-recommended wine and beer pairings with each meal with some extra cost. Each kit is priced around $17 to $22 for two servings.

Thus, grocery stores can generate more revenue by providing such recipe kits and make them more accessible to the masses. There is a lesser chance of meal kits appealing the average Americans with a limited budget, but grocery stores can provide it with lesser price, excluding the delivery.

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