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Nissan X-Trail To Be Launched With Updated Diesel Engine
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The Japanese carmaker company Nissan Motor Co. has released the first look of its most powerful SUV car. The X-Trail will supposedly have one of the most powerful diesel engines in the automobile market. This upgrade is taking place to make this car stand out among the other SUV cars and improve its sales. Nissan will launch this update somewhere in 2017 with other minor updates in the model as well. This powerful diesel engine will prove to be tough competition to the SUV cars of other brands. This power-boosted model will first go out on sale in the US. Speculations suggest that as the update isn’t that major, its release might take place in Asian countries as well by the end of the year.

The need for an update

The updated version of the Nissan X-Trail was firstly revealed in a television commercial from Nissan and ESPN in the market of US. The Vice President of Nissan, James Wright, confirmed this news in an exclusive interview with sports magazines at the 2016 Paris Auto Show. Wright said that the reason behind this upgrade is the growing demand of the consumers. Every year the demands keep increasing and thus the automobile manufacturers need to come up with something new. If they don’t do so, it might adversely affect the sales of the company. Wright cited that over 40 percent of the sale of this model is the premium category, which uses a four-wheel drive setup.

Nissan X-Trail

Currently, the sales of Nissan are on a high. But the manufacturers noticed that gradually people are willing to spend more amount of money on automobiles. This generated the idea of an upgrade in the premium category of the SUV car. Such an update would also enable Nissan to generate better revenue and add another high range model to its list of cars.

Specs of the new Nissan X-Trail

This new diesel engine of X-Trail will generate 187bhp from its 2.0-litre four cylinder mill. This model might take over the market of its immediate competitor, Skoda Kodiaq. This update will improve the model’s towing ability. It also focuses on cutting down the level of CO2 emissions from the car. The side profile of this automobile will remain mostly unchanged except for the new sporty alloy wheels, roof rails, and new ORVM covers. There might also be some minor cosmetic changes in the front section. It will have updated lighting units and bumpers as well. Rumors suggest that it may have an inbuilt semi-autonomous driving technology, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

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