Nissan Launches Nissan Energy Solar for UK Homes

Adding a new leaf to its Intelligent Mobility technologies, Nissan announced the retail sale of Nissan Energy Solar in the UK. It is a completely integrated energy solution that combines solar energy generation, management and storage system for UK householders.

The European arm of the Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer, claims that average UK customers could reduce their electricity bills up to 66 percent by installing Nissan’s all-in-one energy solution. In light of scarce conventional energy sources, Nissan Energy Solar also decreases dependence on national grids and electricity providers.

Nissan Energy Solar

Nissan announced the retail sale of Nissan Energy Solar in the UK. Source: Nissan

Nissan Energy Solar: Comprehensive Energy Solution

The leading electric automaker revealed the concept of Nissan Energy Solar at the Electric Ecosystem Experience powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility this January.

“Nissan Energy Solar is a complete system for home energy generation, management and storage. It enables UK homeowners to make significant savings on their household electricity bills, and become champions of sustainability and green technology,” said Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe.

The world-class residential energy system developed by Nissan is a comprehensive renewable energy solution for UK homes. It comprises of two products – solar panels and storage batteries called xStorage. The UK customers have a choice to purchase the complete integrated set-up or individual components.

Further, the Japanese automaker has also emphasized on the reusability component for a sustainable future and intelligent way of living. The customers have an option to purchase energy storage system that incorporates either new or second life batteries from Nissan electric vehicles.

Nissan Energy Solar Integrated System

Nissan Energy Solar. Source: Nissan

Moreover, the solar energy supplies power during the daytime only, but Nissan Energy Solar allows storing the surplus energy produced. The householders can use it during the night or cloudy days, even to charge their Nissan LEAF.

In addition, Nissan Energy Solar includes Nissan Home Energy Management system that allows the consumers to optimize their energy consumption. In order to reduce carbon footprints further, the energy system allows automatic balancing between solar energy production and battery storage capacity.

Nissan Energy Solar Price

The price of fully integrated package of Nissan Energy Solar starts from £3,881. The cost includes the purchase and installation of a six-panel solar system, the Nissan Home Energy management system, and VAT at 5%. Adding the xStorage battery to this package will turn this price into £7,635.

Nissan Energy Solar Leaf

Solar energy system installed on homes. Source: Nissan

Solar Energy Panels

Solar energy, notably, is the most widely utilized form of renewable energy. At the same time, it is the fastest growing clean energy resource too.

Over the years, with continuous research and development, the efficiency of solar panels for homes has increased. Likewise, the lifespan of the solar panels has reached up to forty years.

“Over 880,000 people in the UK already use solar panels and this fully integrated solution brings a fresh opportunity to grow this number exponentially over the coming years”, Francisco Carranza, Managing Director, Nissan Energy, Nissan Europe stated.

Nissan Energy Solar System

Nissan LEAF is the most-selling electric vehicle in the history. Source: Nissan

As a pledge to sustainable growth in the electric automobile industry, Nissan launched “Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022” plan in March 2018. In this, the company declared to expand its presence in electric vehicles further with increasing the sales of the world’s best-selling all-electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF.

A pioneer in the electric automobile industry, Nissan is now up for a new revolution in providing the simple and affordable energy solution for homes.  Watch out Tesla!

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