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NIO EVE Autonomous Electric Car to roam on the streets of U.S. by 2020
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The most trending cars in the automotive industry are electric cars and autonomous cars. NIO decided to make the best of the both the technologies and create a new car. The Shanghai-based automotive startup will sell its first autonomous electric car. These innovative cars will be on sale first in the country of the U.S. by the year 2020. This startup is already renowned in the industry for its Formula E racing team. The NIO EVE autonomous prototype is said to be a vision car by the company and has not directly declared the features of the car. Despite this, the company has dropped hints about the car. This news was announced by the U.S. CEO of the company Padmasree Warrior on Friday at an event during the SXSW held in Austin, Texas.

For the production of such cars, NIO will partner with an Israel-based startup which develops camera-based systems that help drivers in avoiding collisions, Mobileye. Its other partners are Nvidia that produces an artificial intelligence computing platform to deploy autonomous vehicles and NXP Semiconductors; it is the worldโ€™s largest supplier to the auto industry. After being introduced in the U.S. market, it will then be sold in Europe. The NIO EVE autonomous prototype is not a luxury car or a car for ride-hailing services but will be affordable enough for a majority of the families.

Autonomous electric cars01

The NIO EVE is the company's first autonomous electric car.

NIO EVE autonomous electric car features

This autonomous electric car will consist of the Level 4 autonomy. This is a designation which the Society of Automotive Engineers has defined as a vehicle that is capable of handling all aspects of driving in most of the conditions. The system will take over the controls in case of an emergency even if it doesnโ€™t receive instructions. The car also has the ability to drive itself in all kinds of constrained environments. The target market of the car is the commuters, who can use the time productively. Warrior stated that the car helps the commuters who spend more than 25 minutes a day commuting to make the most of their time. Even though the car is completely autonomous, it will have a steering wheel and a pedal. This will be useful in case theย occupant wants to take over.

Autonomous electric cars02

It will be on road in the U.S. by 2020.

The NIO EVE has a panoramic roof, lounge-like seating in the back with a folding table, and sliding side doors. The autonomous electric car will constantly learn about the preferences of the occupants. It will also have a voice-activated artificial intelligent digital companion, NOMI. This personalizes the occupantโ€™s driving experience on the basis of the road conditions, preferences, and activities. The two seats in the front are accessible from the main interior. This area has digital displays on its active glass to provide support while non-autonomous driving. The electric car has a driving range of around 600 miles per charge. The concept version of the car showcases five seats and a forward-sliding door with no standard A and B pillars.

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