Nikon DL Series to be Nullified as a result of Financial Turmoil
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Around a year ago, Nikon officially announced a series of its compact cameras. The Nikon DL series were to be launched somewhere in June 2016 but were repeatedly delayed due to a number of problems related to its electronics. The lineup of these premium compact cameras was expected to feature three high-end models. The first model was of 20.8-megapixel with 1-inch sensors. The DL18-50mm was a walking-around model, and the DL24-500 was going to have the superzoom feature. But the Japanese company announced today that it had decided to nullify this series of compact cameras. These cameras will no longer be released in the market and this market doesn’t concern the company anymore.

Nikon had designed these cameras keeping in mind that they will pit against its competitors Panasonic and Sony. The DL24-85 model had to give competition to the RX100 Mark V of Sony as well as the Panasonic DMC-LX10. Along with this, the DL24-500 model was going to go up against Sony’s pricey version of compact zooms termed RX100 III. Due to the various delays in the launch of the Nikon DL series, its rival companies have already released various models. This is when Nikon thought that its compact cameras might not turn out to be profitable.

Nikon DL Series to be Nullified as a result of Financial Turmoil

The Nikon DL series will not be launched in the market now.

What led to the cancellation of the Nikon DL series

The news about the annulment of the Nikon DL series does not come as a surprise as the company is undergoing a lot of financial turmoil. An official of Nikon stated that the company is currently witnessing fundamental restructuring. As a result of this, it also announced that it’ll shed over 1,000 employees in the name of voluntary retirement. The company underwent unexpected losses of the semiconductor lithography business. Owing to similar such reasons, the sales of Nikon went down by 8.2 percent in the previous year.

The failure of the Nikon DL series has been a big blow for the company. It's Nikon 1 series reportedly declining hence it has nothing substantial in the mirrorless category. Adding to this, Nikon’s range of premium compact cameras has failed as well. On the other hand, its rival companies such as FujiFilm and Sony are coming up with innovative pieces of technology. Such events prove that Nikon is strictly a DSLR company; its experiments in different types of technology have failed miserably. Nikon has experienced a noticeable reduction in its camera sales on a general basis.

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