NEVS InMotion Lets you Carry out Meetings on the Go
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We have reached that stage where coming across a self-driving vehicle does not amuse us anymore. It is an innovation that is anticipated to make driving more convenient for humans. We treat autonomous technology with such normalcy as it is not a novel concept for us anymore. Another reason behind this is that almost all automobile manufacturers are striving to come up with the best autonomous car possible due to which the appeal of the exclusive is lost. Recently at the CES Asia 2017, an auto startup took autonomous vehicles a notch higher. The NEVS InMotion is the kind of driverless technology all of us are secretly hoping for.

The NEVS InMotion is a futuristic electric vehicle which will change the way you look at ordinary autonomous vehicles. The makers of this technology unveiled it for the first time at the CES Asia 2017 held in Shanghai, China on 7th June 2017. The team at NEVS believes that through this model, they will b to able redefine what a car actually means. This redefinition is in terms of the update in technology that keeps taking place. This vehicle is considered futuristic as it showcases the highest level of driverless technology. Due to its high-end technology, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) will face tough competition from the pioneers of the automobile industry.


The car has attained the status of being a Level-5 autonomous vehicle.

NEVS InMotion features

The NEVS InMotion is no normal self-driving car. It is a combination of the best of autonomous technology along with being an electric vehicle. The car has attained the status of being a Level-5 autonomous vehicle. This itself convinces us of the efficiency of the car as this is the highest level of driverless technology. It seems that the goals of this automaker are very high. Instead of only focusing on selling these models, NEVS thinks of offering rides to people in this model. Most of the popular ride-hailing giants provide services through an app. This company aims to do the same. One can control this autonomous vehicle through its official app.

The most prominent feature which makes the NEVS InMotion stand out is that it is not a car but more like a luxurious room on wheels. The interior cabin of the car is flexible to adjust according to the needs of the passenger. One can change the mode of this cabin to private, meeting, or social. For this, the app comes in handy. One can enjoy the facilities of this futuristic electric car without the need of actually buying it. This is a more practical thing to do instead of spending thousands of dollars on a car which is only for special use. This car is ideal for social gatherings or professional meetings on the go as it will utilize the time spent on transportation.

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