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Nest Debuts its First Nest Cam Outdoor with 24/7 Video Streaming

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Nest Labs is expanding its line of smart-home brands' product line-up with a new connected camera, the Nest Cam Outdoor. As the name suggests, the new camera model is an outdoor camera offering weatherproofing but specifically geared to protect home from intruders.

The Alphabet owned company said the outdoor security camera was the most requested feature from customers of Nest’s three other internet-connected devices—a thermostat, a smoke detector and an indoor security camera. Even though the existing Nest Cam, now renamed Nest Cam Indoor isn’t weatherproof, 5 percent of owners have installed their units outside.

Next Cam Outdoor

The new products components are largely similar to those in its indoor counterpart, Nest Cam Indoor. The Nest Cam went on sale first in 2015 as an updated version of the Dropcam Pro, developed by Dropcam Inc., a startup acquired by Nest in 2014.

The new camera is devised for DIY installation, opting for a cabled power connection instead of using batteries. Due to this, the camera offers 24/7 video streaming, provide full HD quality and extremely good night vision, without compromise, according to Nest.

Additionally, there is plenty of flexibility for installing the camera. Totally there is around 7.5 metres of cable, so it can be easily connected to an external plug socket, or through a circuitous route to an indoor socket.

Connecting to the wall is also quite easy as the back of the camera adheres to a strong magnetic base. This can be affixed directly to a metal surface or connected to a plate that’s screwed onto the wall to position the camera to get the best angle of view. Included in the package are screws and cable grips to secure the flat power cable to the surface.

In terms of specs, the Nest Cam Outdoor, features a 130-degree field of view, captures 1920 x 1080 resolution video and features eight IR LEDs for night vision. It not only records audio, but also offers two-way audio, talk, and listen functions complete with a mic and strategically-placed speakers at the bottom of the camera so that the voice will reflect off the wall of the house.

While the indoor camera is black in color featuring a svelte design, its outdoor version is round and bulgy and comes in white. The dramatically different designs were created to build an aesthetically beautiful camera that blends with the exterior of a home.

Nest Cam Outdoor will be controlled via the redesigned Nest app, which will now offer bigger previews to Indoor and Outdoor cameras, to save the clicks when users open the app.

The Nest Aware service provides 24/7 video streaming with cloud storage, intelligent alerts and new person alerts. It is a subscription service, costing £8 a month for one camera, and £4 a month for subsequent cameras.

The camera is available for pre-order in the US, priced at $199 and available in September. It will be available in the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland later this year, a price to be determined.

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