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Native Shoes Launches the World’s First 100% Plant-based Sneakers
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Native Shoes are known for their cruelty-free and beast-free sneakers which do not use any animal products on any of their sneakers. The brand has now launched 100 percent bio-degradable and sustainable plant-based sneakers. This is the first-of-its-kind sneakers in the market and Native has, as mentioned on their website, “planted the seeds for a new frontier.”

plant-based sneakers

The plant-based shoes are made using pineapples, linen, kenaf, eucalyptus, lactae hevea, and cotton. Suede from the sneakers’ upper body is replaced by pineapple fibers to create a raw and unfiltered aesthetic. The sock liner is a blend of linen and kenaf and the base is made from a compressed pulp of eucalyptus. The shoe's midsole is made from a combination of 90 per cent cork and 10 percent sisal, a Mexican agave plant cultivated for fiber production. Most shoe manufacturers use petro-based adhesive to connect the sole and the upper section of the shoe. As native Shoes was striving for 100 percent plant-based shoes, the brand tested several natural adhesives and finally with the help of skilled artisans, they went ahead with jute threads instead of any chemical-based adhesive or synthetic thread. The plant-based pair of sneakers by Native Shoes along with being 100 percent biodegradable is also unisex.

The thought behind plant-based sneakers

Since Native Shoes’ inception in 2009, all of its shoes are devoid of any animal materials. The brand promises to make every pair of Native shoes 100 percent lifecycle managed by 2023 – ensuring that all native shoes are sustainably degraded and do not end up in landfills. In this direction, Native Shoes partnered with Zappos for good and launched the Remix Project in 2018. Under the project, the brand recycles native Shoes by turning them into different items like seats, playground flooring and more. As the project became successful across North America, creating the world’s first plant-based sneakers was the next step in Native Shoes trajectory of being an eco-conscious fashion brand.

According to Native shoes, 300 million shoes are dumped each year in the US. Sneakers made from leather, suede or other chemically treated materials are impossible to degrade. Plan-based shoes made using linen, eucalyptus and other vegan materials make Native sneakers break down easily in a short span of time and do not create any extra burden on the already vulnerable environment.

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