The Mystical World of Christmas Marketing

Companies have to be fanciful and careful, during this time of the year to put a smile on the consumers’ face that will long outlive the twelve days of Christmas. Last year, Starbucks sparked the most absurd controversy over its classic red holiday cups. This year, the John Lewis advert in the UK seems to have only doubled the pain of the Brexit. The events that piled up in 2016 have only made it one of the worse year’s ever. It’s unimaginable to cap off 2016 without putting together a list of surprising and heartwarming trends. By the numbers, Industry Leaders has put together a list of extravagant holiday trends that will keep our minds occupied and effervescent until the end of the year. The spot is given to whimsical trends that craft a simply, uplifting story that brings a smile and laugh – basically, things we’re in short supply of lately.

Heartfelt Holiday Commercials

Like many Americans, we cannot jiggle out seasonal adverts from the other side of the Pacific. Fuzzy, holiday-themed Christmas adverts posted online by U.K. retailers John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, and WWF – warming even the coldest hearts. Like tens of millions of Americans, we share these videos on social media, and wonder if retailers in the U.S. would ever produce Christmassier tearjerkers.

Sure, we don’t have Christmas commercials in the U.S. In contrast, we have the Super Bowl Sunday, which grabs 115 million eye balls on one night. But, U.S. retailers are longer taking the back seat to the U.K. this year. That probably explains why mall stay retailers like Macy’s and Target are now producing cinema-quality Christmas commercials.

‘Tis the season to be cinematic: Retailers in the U.S. are now using the once-missed opportunity to tugs on our heart strings as they increase the level of emotions (and sales!). And, we can’t thank them enough!

Corporate Gifts

Nothing says ‘Christmas spirit’ like pretending to love the appalling corporate Christmas gifts you have gotten from corporate clients. People have received crappy, unwanted gifts like a dog leash, a pen that didn’t work, and stock options in a struggling company. In the last few years though, corporate Christmas presents have gotten to a whole other, opulent level.

U.S. companies are starting to realize that for some corporate clients, a common-or-garden Christmas present, no matter how expensive, is simply too pedestrian. And so, many are opting for limited-edition objects, like the Hans Wegner’s Flag Halyard chair of 1950 (first image). This object of design comprises a white lacquered steel frame, the eponymous flag halyard-and-leather neck cushion and a long-haired sheepskin cushion.

The limited-edition aspect of such signature pieces not only make them great gifts, but also rise in value significantly.

Even cards and stationery now come packaged in oversized creamy envelopes, decorated with gold or copper embellishments. If you don’t like contemporary designs, you can turn to exquisite, bespoke stationery.

It’s all about going big this year – and, the bigger, the better! What a delightful way to splurge on Christmas presents!

Hideous Holiday Gear

Wooly wonders so hideous yet so popular, that they have inspired an abundance of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. But, it’s entrepreneurs, DIYers, big retailers and thrift stores that are all wrapped in yarns of kitschy, trendy clothing. Let’s not underestimate people’s willingness to splurge to look hideous.


The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend has spurned e-commerce sites like Skedouche, UglyChristmasSweater, ButtUglySweaters, MyUglyChristmasSweater and Tipsy Elves. These sites feature designs that Ugly Christmas Sweater aficionados can choose from. The gaudy pieces are covered in Kim Kardashian’s break the internet picture to grumpy cat, all poinsettia-covered, decked with mistletoes, candy canes, and even raunchier decorations. The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend is now become a multi-million dollar industry. After thick-rimmed glasses and plaid flannel shirts, ugly Christmas, we think we can live with this trend.

To Have The Happiest Of Holidays

Isn’t Christmas all about peace, happiness and goodwill to all mankind? Let’s admit it, we all like good old-fashioned, thoughtful presents for Christmas. Entrepreneurs too like to give thoughtful presents in the form of endowment for higher learning, or a table at a fundraiser.

While a lot of Christmas commercials and films from big companies hint at spending time with friends and family, there are some which are thoughtful about those who don’t have any family.

Apple’s 2016 holiday commercial is devoted to reminding people that it’s not just friends and family who might need comforting during the holidays. In a beautifully shot ad ‘Frankenstein,’ Frankenstein’s monster appears to have retired to a mountain cabin on the edge of a village. His possessions are meagre, a music box which he is trying to sync up with an iPhone 7 to deliver a present to the village. The ad ends with ‘Open your heart to everyone’ as a plea to consider the notion of acceptance of those who are foreign to us. The monster could be a metaphor for some people who’re not ready to accept people or change, for that matter.

It’s not just evangelical message companies are spreading this year. Amazon seems to have picked on a national ticker – class, nationality and race, into one tearful holiday advert.

Amazon Prime’s 2016 holiday adverts stars two men of different faiths: a Muslim imam and an Anglican vicar. While, both don’t have much in common, they’re united by the unspeakable discomfort and a distinctive friendship.

After the contentious Brexit and the 2016 U.S. elections, consumers need exuberant promotions broadcasting selflessness and the spirit of the holiday season.

Anna Domanska
Anna Domanska is an Industry Leaders Magazine author possessing wide-range of knowledge for Business News. She is an avid reader and writer of Business and CEO Magazines and a rigorous follower of Business Leaders.

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